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Silvr Gigatroid the Third
Age 15/16
Gender Male
Home Street corners of Johto
Pokemon captured Totodile, Sneasel, Kingdra, Smoochum, chimchar!!


Silver is a young man who was arrested by the Pokemon Police because he kept looking into people's windows and punching them if they asked wtf he was doing. He has daddy issues and writes about it in his livejournal. He has a really short temper and will get really mad at you if you criticize his fashion sense or hair. His only two friends are Kotone and Gold. He hates both of them because Kotone is a giant fat whore and Gold is a retarded pothead. He only hangs out with them cause no one else will talk to him.

He totally hates weak pokemon, like a lot. He's too cool for them.


Totodile (Duck): Silver stole this retarded pokemon from Professer Elm. K well he didn't really steal him. Elm just sort of.... gave him to Silver because this Totodile is really stupid. He tries to bite Silver's head but gets punched since it would mess up 2 hours of straightening his hair if he did. He tries to swim in soup bowls.

Sneasel (Jennifer Love Hewitt): Sneasel is a male pokemon that really loves his trainer. He gets punched, kicked, and stabbed with pens on a daily basis. Gold thinks he may be a machochist.

Kingdra (Sprinklebuttons): Kingdra is afraid to battle like a pedophile that's afraid of Chris Hanson n his crew. She doesn't know how to swim and wants to live at a bakery. She used to be Heart's pokemon.

Smoochum (Alfred): Smoochum doesn't give a fuck about what you want. If it wants food, money, bitches, or guns it gets food, money, bitches, or guns. It's Silver's most badass pokemon. Though it makes Heart and Gold question his sexuality.