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Also known as the Exchanger.
Age 23
Gender Male
Home Kanto
Pokemon captured (check in Table of Contents)

Silver (Japanese: シルバー Silver) is the son of Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket and one of the Pokédex holders. He is also known as the Exchanger (換える者 Exchanger). As mentioned by Professor Oak, his special skill is Pokémon Trading.


Silver is silent, cold and distant to the people he despises but is kind, loving and somewhat sarcastic to his friends. He can be a jerk to others at times, even without knowing it. However, once he notices he has hurt their feelings, he tries to apologize to them. Whenever Silver is very angry, he is shown to use vulgar language. Silver is sometimes teased by others, saying that he is a tsundere (not like he cares or anything).

As Silver began talking to other people outside of the Dexholder Group, he has developed the confidence to start conversations with others.


  • Silv
  • Little/Baby Bro (only used by Blue)
  • Silbro (only used by Gold)
  • Silvester (only used by White)



When Silver was a young child, he was kidnapped by the Masked Man and was to serve under him, along with Blue and other young children. He became good friends with Blue and together, they both escaped the Masked Man (only to part ways in the end).

Past adventures

See Silver (Pokémon Adventures) for information.

Current adventures

A year and a half later, after the events with Team Rocket and Arceus, Silver returns to his house in Goldenrod. He is often seen spending time with the Kanto and Johto Dexholders or he is stuck at home, slowly dying from boredom. He even once mentioned what his father said about this scenario: "When you stay inside for too long, you'll become antisocial and hiss at people."

In that timeframe, he worked at the coffee establishment "Staryubucks" for 2 years before finally quitting his job in December of 2016. He has mentioned countless times that the day he finally quit was "the happiest day of his life".



Silver’s “big sis”. He and Blue share a very close sibling bond and he tends to be very protective of her. He often tells her that she’s more reckless than he is. The two exchange each other messages every once in a while. Although he is often reluctant to tell Blue what is currently going on with his personal life, he still tries to make the effort for the two to catch up.


Silver's rival and best friend. The two have minor quarrels they have with each other but no matter what, they still remain as close friends. Silver always gets caught up in Gold's "Stupid Shenanigans" and often tells him to stop doing whatever he is doing (it often ranges into following random girls he makes contact with to showing visuals of certain content that should never be shown to pure and innocent children). Silver considers him to be like the older brother he never had (and never wanted).


Silver's other best friend. Even though the two rarely meet up due to conflicting work schedules, that does not stop them from messaging other. An interesting fact is that whenever the two talk to each other, they always talk about Gold and his crazy antics. An interesting note is that at the end of their conversations, it always results with Crystal roundhouse kicking Gold.


Silver is known to be on good terms with Green, but that doesn’t stop him from being protective of Blue, as he constantly tells him to take care of her. He sees Green as a big brother, but doesn’t admit it to him, as he often hides it by giving him snarky remarks. After spending time in his Gym, Silver found a strange interest in teasing Green, often calling him "Tchenpai".


Similar to Silver's relationship with Blue, he and Yellow also share a sibling bond. He admits that talking to Yellow about sensitive topics such as relationships and dealing with emotions in general is easier compared to talking about it with Blue and Crystal. The two would often watch anime together at the Daycare in Kanto (and to an extent, take it a step further and actually cosplay as the characters in their favourite TV shows).


Silver and White seem to have a love-hate relationship with each other, as the two often tease each other. Behind the constant teasing, Silver deeply cares for White and on a few occasions, he shows his soft side towards her. This confuses people as it leads them into thinking that the two are a couple. (Later on, that statement was proven to be false.) She gave him his second nickname, “Silvester”. It is known that White was Silver's first friend he made in Unova.

As of September 2018, the two have begun dating. Of course, their friends were not surprised in the slightest, considering the two always implied they had feelings for one another yet never acted on it.


On hand

  • Weavile
  • Feraligatr
  • Honchkrow
  • Gyarados (Shiny)
  • Sylveon (an abandoned Eevee from Lumiose City in Kalos), often shortened to "Sylv"
  • Salazzle (caught in Alola)

In PC Boxes

  • Kingdra
  • Ponyta (received as a gift from Green), nicknamed Matchbox
  • Goomy (caught in Kalos shortly after Sylveon's capture)

With Giovanni

  • Ursaring


  • Rhyperior (traded back to Green)
  • Tyranitar (belonged to Lance)
  • Polibo (belonged to Gold)
  • Snubbull (belonged to Blue), now a Granbull
  • Entei


  • Silver's Twitter handle, AgThief, combines "argentum" (the Latin word for silver) and "thief".
  • Silver was born in Viridian City on December 24.
  • Silver is bisexual.
  • Silver despises hospitals, as the equipment they use often gives him anxiety attacks. He also gets nauseous at the sight and scent of blood.
  • Silver's height is 5'9". (He often complains of his short height and wishes to be taller.)
  • A list regarding Silver's timeline/canonmates can be seen here.

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