Shion Kitakami

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Shion Kitakami
Age 23 (Birthday: March 19th, 1989)
Gender Female
Home Violet City, Johto
Pokemon captured Fearow, Victreebel, Scizor, Magcargo, Cloyster, Medicham, Magnezone, Cacturne

Shion Kitakami is a trainer from Violet City, Johto, who is currently challenging the Johto League.


Born to Arata Kitakami, a Pokémon Center employee, and Hitomi Kitakami, a bartender, Shion's story as a trainer doesn't begin at the usual age of ten, but eight years later. Though she wanted to become a trainer earlier, her parents refused, as she was an extremely mean child. They assumed she would mistreat her Pokémon, so, instead, each week they made her volunteer at the city's Pokémon Center, so she could see what the results of mistreating a Pokémon looked like. This had a profound effect upon Shion; she continued to volunteer on her own accord, and on her 17th birthday, her parents agreed to let her start her journey when she turned 18.

Shion opted, not for one of the three starters that a trainer usually gets in Johto, but to take a Spearow from her cousin Rodney. This choice was intentional, as Spearow have a very aggressive temperament, and Shion wanted to see how badly she really wanted to be a trainer by starting out with an unruly Pokémon. The relationship started badly, as this Spearow didn't like being coddled after a loss in battle, but after two weeks of pecking Shion relentlessly, and her not backing down, the two of them warmed up to each other. Feeling better about her choice, the two of them ventured out of Violet City at last.

Now that she had finally matured, Shion proved to be quite the trainer. After acquiring more Pokémon, including a Scyther from a bug-catching contest in the National Park, she began a run of winning against other trainers that sparked whispers in the Johto League. These whispers finally caught the attention of the League Office, and they offered Shion the chance to take part in a trainer exchange program with the Hoenn League, just six months after becoming a trainer. She accepted their offer.


Arriving in Rustboro City, Shion met her guide, a trainer named Katie Fallow. Katie made no effort to mask her disdain for this assignment, even asking Shion why she had to 'babysit some fool from Johto'. Insulted, Shion demanded a three-on-three battle: her Victreebel, Fearow, and Cloyster soundly defeated Katie's Swampert, Cacturne, and Solrock. After this, Katie became much more tolerable; the two have been friends ever since. They traveled together for a month, Katie explaining the geography, and the many species of Pokémon which were new to Shion. During a week-long stay in Lavaridge Town, Shion expressed interest in Flannery's Slugma after watching a battle. While looking for one in the Fiery Path, the two trainers found a Magcargo abandoning her Slugma child. Heartbroken, Shion approached it, and it began to follow her back out of the Fiery Path. They allowed it to tail them back to Lavaridge, where Shion caught it.

Shion spent another month in Hoenn, until she and Katie arrived back at her home in Lilycove. It was at this time that she discovered her fatal allergy to Tamato berries after eating some of Katie's spaghetti. This near-death experience forced her to return home.

Back in Johto

After returning, Shion spent a month recovering. After she was healed, and now that she finally had a Fire-type, Shion began challenging more advanced trainers, especially those with Steel-types. For a year and a half, she fought all over Johto, eventually earning so much income, that she began paying the bills for her parents while she lived at their house. Even when facing full teams with only five Pokémon, the bond she had forged with her companions, especially Maggie and Cirrus, generally won her the fight. This stint in Johto again got her a call from the League Office, this time to head to Sinnoh.


Due to her experience, on this excursion Shion was assigned no guide. She stayed in Sinnoh for six months, mesmerized by its beauty and climate. However, after noting that she had been unable to make any more friends during her stay, she became sad and homesick, and returned to Violet City to be with her parents.

Home Again

To Shion's surprise, her parents said that they believed she was mature enough to have a home of her own. However, to their surprise, Shion revealed that she had been saving up money for just such an eventuality. She moved out, into a house on the other end of the street from the Pokémon Center. Afterwards, though, she became very lonely. Seeing this, her parents introduced her to social networking, and the rest is history. After meeting several people, among them her new best friend Ashley, she was inspired to take the Johto League Gym Challenge at last. After admitting her sexuality, she dated the head of the Elite Four, Karen, for a while, before the two broke up after a drunken argument, though they have since reconciled and become friends again. Sometime later, Shion became quite close to Ashley after her departure from Team Rocket, and finally admitted her love during their vacation in Kanto, officially becoming a couple. This relationship eventually collapsed, and now Shion is trying to figure out how to make amends while preparing to challenge the Kanto side of the Indigo Conference.


Shion 14 Mini.jpg

Shion is five feet, seven inches tall, with a pale olive complexion, green eyes, and black hair that currently falls to her shoulders. Since she's started a regular regimen of exercise, she has become quite toned and athletic-looking, though her 'chubby' hips continue to plague her. She tends to wearing very casual clothing, shying away from skirts and preferring jeans above everything else. She will show some skin on occasion, and has finally built up enough courage to buy a bikini. It is extremely rare to see her without her glasses, which she wears for myopia.


Shion is something of a perfectionist, and can be extremely hard on herself. She is also very, very protective of her Pokémon; when she loses a battle, she always blames herself for the loss. Due to all the meanness she exuded as a child, she is now very introverted, and constantly worries about offending or hurting someone's feelings. This over-carefulness makes it very hard for her to make friends, as she won't really open herself up to anyone in fear of doing something wrong. What few friends she does have, she worries constantly about, getting upset when something bad, even minor, happens to them. Although slow to anger, once finally provoked she is capable of extremely violent outbursts of a verbal and, albeit rarely, physical nature. She is homosexual, something she had struggled with for most of her teen years before finally admitting it to herself and her parents a few months ago. As a trainer, Shion is eerily quiet; in fact, most of her Pokémon react to physical cues more so than verbal ones during a fight, although Shion will talk more if she feels her side is winning. She is gracious in both victory and defeat, commonly posing for a picture with the opponent's Pokémon, if they have a species she's never seen before. It is her even -- if sometimes goofy -- temperament and demeanor that has allowed her to maintain her career as a professional trainer.



An ex-Rocket grunt that was formerly Shion's best friend. Neither of them can really place the circumstances of their first meeting. Shion harbored a crush on Ashley for quite some time, but figured she was unattainable until she recently broke up with her boyfriend Alex Cena. During a trip to Cerulean so Ashley could visit her mother's grave, Shion declared her love, and the two have been virtually inseparable ever least until Ashley ran off, sending Shion into a tailspin.


Shion's first serious relationship was with the Dark-type head of the Indigo Elite Four. Things were going very well until Karen's termination by Lance, which sent her into a spiral of alcohol-fueled despair, something Shion was not sure how to cope with. The final straw came when the two had a very heated argument, and Karen was kicked out of Shion's house. They have again become friends, though Shion has not quite yet forgiven Karen for the way she acted before their break-up.

League Achievements

Johto League

Zephyr Badge
Hive Badge
Plain Badge
Fog Badge
Storm Badge
Mineral Badge
Glacier Badge
Rising Badge


22a.png Fearow [Cirrus]

(Gender: Female, Ability: Keen Eye, Moveset: Fly, Roost, Drill Peck, Assurance)

Shion's first Pokémon, Cirrus originally hated her trainer with a passion. Now, she helps manage the team, although she maintains a penchant for stealing Shion's glasses, perching up in a tree, and taunting her about it.

71.png Victreebel [Tsubo]

(Gender: Male, Ability: Chlorophyll, Moveset: Toxic, Leaf Blade, Cut, SolarBeam)

Shion's second Pokémon, caught on Johto Route 31. Tsubo is, and always has been, unbelievably mellow. In battle, however, he is quick to respond to commands, and is generally used to poison Pokémon against which Shion's team has no type advantage.

462.png Magnezone [Meg]

(Genderless, Ability: Sturdy, Moveset: Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Gyro Ball, Magnet Bomb)

Shion's seventh Pokémon, caught on Johto Route 38, after Alex nearly blew Shion up trying to help her find one in the Kanto Power Plant. Even though Meg has no gender, everyone refers to it as a 'she'. Shion calls Meg 'exceptionally girly'. As a Magnezone, Meg still retains its rather feminine nature, and is extremely cheerful. Having reached the apex of its evolutionary chain, it has become a master flyer.

91.png Cloyster [Charybdis]

(Gender: Male, Ability: Shell Armor, Moveset: Hail, Surf, Spikes, Ice Beam)

Shion's fourth Pokémon, caught near the Whirl Islands while she was traveling to Cianwood on a small boat. Called 'Chary' for short, he can be slightly arrogant, and will readily get into playful arguments with his trainer. In battle, however, he is extremely powerful and obeys immediately. He is the Pokémon with which Shion defeated Falkner and won the Zephyr Badge.

212b.png Scizor [Hiragana]

(Gender: Female, Ability: Swarm, Moveset: X-Scissor, Flash Cannon, Iron Head, Agility)

Shion's third Pokémon, caught during a bug-catching contest in the National park. As a Scyther, she was cold and distant, until after a battle in which she was severely injured. Seeing how devastated her trainer was, Hiragana began to open up to her, becoming one of the leaders of her team. As a Scizor, Hiragana is highly disciplined in battle. Out of battle, if she believes Shion is acting dumb, she'll let her know -- with a solid bonk on the head.

219a.png Magcargo [Maggie]

(Gender: Female, Ability: Flame Body, Moveset: Flamethrower, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Strength)

Shion's fifth Pokémon, caught just outside of Lavaridge Town, Hoenn. Abandoned by her Magcargo mother, Maggie quite literally thinks of Shion as her mommy. As a baby Slugma, she would routinely catch things on fire by accident, including Shion (who was never injured, thankfully). She was the focus of the one major act of violence Shion has ever committed; when a poacher tried to take her, her trainer nearly kicked the man to death. Maggie has an unshakably cheerful personality, greets every stranger she meets, and loves to be hugged -- if you can take the heat.

308c.png Medicham [Chi]

(Gender: Female, Ability: Pure Power, Moveset: ThunderPunch, Psychic, Force Palm, Brick Break)

Shion's sixth Pokémon, Chi was caught on Hoenn's Victory Road during a recent visit to see Katie. She is very quiet, usually meditating, or sparring with Hiragana. This does not, however, make her unfriendly; she nearly always has a smile on her face, and likes to play with Maggie when not training. Chi has the ability, due to her type, to sense what her trainer is thinking before she can vocalize it; Shion calls this trait 'creepy'.

332.png Cacturne [Bouncy]

(Gender: Male, Ability: Sand Veil, Moveset: Faint Attack, Sucker Punch, Energy Ball, Poison Jab)

Formerly a Cacnea under the ownership of Karen; given to Shion when the two broke up. Even after evolving, Bouncy bounces nearly constantly, hence his name, and his happy mood seems nearly as unbreakable as Maggie's. He serves as the team's Ghost-type fighter, and also to poison Psychic-types without the need to worry about being damaged by them, like Tsubo.

Former Pokémon

554.png Darumaka [Tumbler]

(Gender: Male, Ability: Hustle)

Currently with Shion's parents.