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Species Persian
Age 2
Level 32
Types Normal-type.png
Gender Female
Home Viridian City
Trainer Wild
Carrying A bag containing an iPhone, coins, and other things
Nature Unspecified

Persian is quite energetic and loves to have fun. She is also a bit oblivious most of the time. She loves shiny things, as typical of Meowth. This did not change with her evolution. She enjoys searching for coins or TMs on the ground. Her iScribble account name is KeiLe. Pokemon in her past have generally considered her childish, but she is becoming a bit less so because of Caterpeedle and her evolution.


As Meowth

Persian has always spent a lot of time around humans. She was born and grew up into a group of wandering Meowth and Persian, but once she was old enough, she would always wander into the city. She has observed humans so much that she taught herelf to walk upright like them, and Meowth in the show. She cannot talk like him, however. Humans in Celadon City know her well. She spent much of her time there. She was never captured, because of humans' tendency to assume that because of all her time spent in the city, she already has a trainer. She now spends time at the gym in Viridian City.



Persian was the born to a female Persian that travelled in a group along the outskirts of towns. Persian's's father was a Raichu who had fallen into reciprocated love with the Persian. Before Persian was born, Raichu was banished from the group. The leader, a Persian that the others had taken to calling Bell because of his fondness for the sound of bells, argued that Raichu did nothing but disrupt the pack and cause disturbances. Persian's mother wanted to follow Raichu, but Bell, not knowing that she was soon to give birth, forbade it. After Persian was born, Bell was outraged. He sent Persian's mother away and adopted the Persian as his own.


Bell was always a little disdainful towards Persian, because of her not being purebred. He learned to tolerate her and developped a bond. However, Bell could be harsh with training Persian. She grew to level 20 quickly. She resented this, but still held respect for Bell.


Persian grew up alongside another Meowth, whom she called Raindrop. She considered him her brother, and he considered her his sister. They spent much time around each other. Once, when they wandered from their pack together, they found themselves lost in Celadon City. This is when Meowth discovered her fascination for the way humans lived.

Leaving the group

Once she discovered what really lay in the city, she began distancing herself from the group more and more. She wanted to spend more time around humans. One night, she got into an argument with Bell. She asked him why he always seemed angry with her, and he gave in and told her the story surrounding her birth. Upset that the Persian she had considered her father would do something like force her parents out of the pack, Meowth announced that she was leaving.

She took to living around Celadon City, becoming more accustomed with human life and the people around her. She taught herself to read and walk like humans do, and taught herself about building and technology. She then decided that she would travel around Kanto more, and also get more of a taste of the wild.

Viridian City

Persian discovered Twitter when she picked up an iPhone that somebody had dropped. She decided to go to Viridian City when MetaLucario offered to train her in Aura. She accepted, realising that she know more about humans than Pokemon. She has spent the rest of her time in or near Viridian City, so far.

As Persian

Persian evolved after accidentally knocking down a flying Pidgey outside her base. Due to lack of balance, she no longer has the ability to walk on her hind legs for an extended period of time. However, she can stand still on them to do whatever she needs. It is currently unknown how exactly the evolution will affect her.

Helping the Pack

Starting a Family

Image of Persian as a Meowth, drawn by her.


Fury Swipes

Learned through levelling.


Learned through levelling.


Learned through TM.


Learned through TM. Her favourite move. She uses Aura to power it up, and the Aura turns the Thunder blue.

Other Moves

She uses the previous four moves in "official" battles, but does not forget old moves.

  • Scratch
  • Growl
  • Fake Out
  • Pay Day
  • Faint Attack
  • Power Gem

ShinyPersian's Base

Persian, having learned skills of building, has built a base just outside of Viridian City. It is accessed by lifting the root of a hollowed-out tree and stepping into the hole underneath the root. Inside the tree is Persian's TM storage. Through a locked door is the rest of the base. Underground is a guest room, which has been equipped with a ventillation system. This room leads through another locked door to a storage room, where Meowth stows tools and supplies such as food. A ladder takes one above ground, to the main room. This room currently contains only Persian's leaf bed.

The guest room currently houses Caterpeedle and Eden.


In the hollowed-out tree, Persian has a hoard of collected TMs. She picked them up because she liked how shiny they were. She has decided to distribute them to Pokemon wishing to learn new moves. One simply needs to ask her about a TM and she will find it for and teach about using the move. She is quick with learning new moves herself, so she can help Pokemon get used to a new move.

Here is a list of TMs Persian currently possesses:

  • Mega Kick
  • Rain Dance
  • Ice Beam x2
  • Blizzard
  • Water Pulse
  • Protect
  • Flash x2
  • Grass Knot
  • Razor Wind
  • Rest
  • Iron Tail


Persian is also good with technology. She sometimes attempts to invent useful devices.

Move Transfer

Persian has attempted to modify a TM to give a Pokemon a move from another Pokemon, even if it is one they cannot normally learn. This machine would have the limit of being unable to teach Pokemon moves that are physically impossible for it, such as a Voltorb using it to learn Tail Whip.

She plans to use this device to learn Electric-type attacks that she cannot learn via TM. She feels that having a Raichu as a father made her more efficient with learning Thunder. Since this is her favourite move, she wants to expand her Electric-type abilities. This is partly done in tribute to the father she never met.


This device was first tested on low-level Caterpie and Weedle. The intention was to make Weedle learn Caterpie's Tackle. However, the device backfired, fusing the two Pokemon. They were soon helped by Buizels, who separated the two. Although they do not have recollection of the event, they have taken to hanging around Persian. Persian decided to watch over the two Pokemon for as long as they need her.

After Persian tried to fix her machine, Caterpie and Weedle wanted to help her by trying her device again while she wasn't looking. This resulted in another merge. This time, they told Persian that they did not want to be separated. She decided not to go against their wishes, and dubbed the new Pokemon Caterpeedle. He is now staying in the guest room of Persian's base.

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