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Shiny Girafarig
Safari Zone Caretaker's Sketch of Shiny Girafarig
Species Girafarig
Age 0
Level 21
Types Normal-type.png Psychic-type.png
Gender Female
Home Safari Zone
Trainer Wild
Carrying 3 Pinap Berries
Nature Unspecified

Shiny Girafarig is a dual-type Normal/Psychic Pokemon, living in the Safari Zone and occasionally using the new lobby computer to check Twitter and communicate with Pokemon across the world.



Shiny Girafarig was born in the Safari Zone of parents who were bred in captivity by a new employee, who had formerly worked at the Daycare Center. To his surprise, this Girafarig was born with a special shiny quality, and he was quickly promoted for presenting management with such a rarity.

Early Life

Like any other Girafarig living in the expanses of the Safari Zone, this Shiny Girafarig spent her youth eating berries and leaves, romping through grass, and playing with other Pokemon. She has always been strongly devoted to staying free and uncaught. Despite a love for Pokeblocks, Shiny Girafarig avoids eating them when they are placed strategically by lurking trainers. Though overly cautious of humans, she has a jolly nature and loves playing with Pokemon.



Shiny Girafarig normally relies on Tackle to get the job done. Brute force, combined with long legs and a snappy tail are usually enough to scare off the unsuspecting enemy who tries to attack.
Obtain: Start


To put long Girafarig legs to better use, Shiny Girafarig also uses Stomp.
Obtain: Start


Borne from the constant desire to run about and play, Shiny Girafarig learned that using her superior Agility is a good way to increase her speed.
Obtain: Level 14


To get in touch with her psychic abilities, Shiny Girafarig learned to use Psybeam. When the other Pokemon are confused, Shiny Girafarig will sometimes avoid confrontation by fleeing.
Obtain: Level 19

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