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Hey~! I'm a berry researcher because I adore berries~! Married to @Jolteon_151 and our daughters are @CuteLittleEevee & @JewelesEevee
Species Moonlight Pokemon
Age 17!
Level 100
Types Dark-type.png
Gender Female
Home Kanto
Trainer Wild
Carrying Revive
Nature Unspecified


Shadow is a very energetic and happy umbreon that loves dangerous adventures and adores berries. Sometimes she is a little bit too energetic and ends up hurting herself but that doesn't stop her from being a happy umbreon. Whenever someone pets her she can be heard to be purring and most likely wagging her tail with joy. Shadow doesn't tolerate violence and bullying and if any of these things would go too far she would end up getting angry as well as upset.Also, she sometimes tries to stay calm and elegant. The only thing that is confusing about Shadow is that she can sometimes get mood swings. From being really happy to sad. Then from sad to angry and finally being hyper... all of this happening in under 10 minutes. Whenever she gets sad she will wander around the region until finding either a cliff; a river; a really high tree or a mountain and sit down while watching the moon. Shadow is a very kind and caring umbreon, she always finds time to take care of an injured pokemon no matter what she's doing. One of the bad points about Shadow is that she is a very naive pokemon. Her naiveness got her hypnotised multiple times in the past.


Shadow is an umbreon that has rings just like the other umbreon. Her Black fur is very fluffy and her tail is longer than any other umbreon's tail. Shadows appearance doesn't end here. The fur on her head grew longer than the rest so she ended up with a fringe-like fur which has blue ends. Due to her hurting her left paw she managed to get a scar on it. Some people notice it yet some don't. Another thing is that she adores accessories. Her favourite accessory is a big blue bow. The colour of the bow changes depending on the occasion e.g. Pink for valentines, red and green for Christmas etc.


Childhood Shadow was born on the 20th May and her parents were both umbreon. Her parents would always go on adventures so she had to stay with her parents' friend, Suicune. Everyday suicune would take shadow for walks along the river and on fields, she always enjoyed it. When Shadow turned one she started to talk in full sentences and started being more active. Before she turned two her parents promied her to take her and the suicune to a cave. Since then Shadow tried to learn how to stay safe in dangerous places. On her second birthday her parents kept the promised and they spent her birthday in a cave. When they were all having a picnic, inside the cave, there was a sudden earthquake. The suicune's job was to get Shadow out safely while her parents tried to save other pokemon. As soon as the suicune and Shadow got out of the cave, it collapsed. Shadow never saw her parents again. When Shadow was three the Suicune explained Shadow why her parents are still not coming back. She ran away from it due to the shocking news. Shadow stayed in Johto but escaped to the Ilex forest. While there she was too shy to talk to any pokemon so she was always lonely. Also, she never learned how to get food for herself so she barely ate, few berries every three days. When Shadow turned six the forest was attacked by a gang of Araidos, Golem, Steelix and Primeape. All the pokemon escaped but because shadow ate so little she was too weak to escape in time. All four of them ganged up on her and attacked her. After a day or two all the pokemon came back to the forest and saw her on the floor, passed out and beat up. Shadow was then taken to the pokemon center and sent to a daycare.

Teenage life At the age of ten she decided to travel to Hoenn and try out contests. After a year she got three Ribbons but got bored and travelled to Kanto. While there she Visited every town she could and battled few pokemon. At the age of fifteen she went back to Viridian city and stayed there until the age of sixteen. A female trainer once saw her and decided to catch her. They worked well together but then Gary Oak came along. Shadow's first reaction was fangirling. She wanted to be Gary's pokemon but he already had an umbreon but it wasn't shiny. Shaodow started to talk to Gary's other pokemon because she never liked his umbreon (Jealousy maybe?). After couple of days his Umbreon disappeared and Gary was in search of a new umbreon. The first umbreon he wanted was Shadow. Shadow still had a trainer so Gary decided to Kidnap her while Silver helped him out. The next day shadow was officially Gary's pokemon. Shadow decided to train hard to meet the team's standards and didn't care how much she got hurt in battles. After a few months Shadow joined the Pokemon Stadium and battled there for a while. In late August/Early Spetember Shadow met a Sandlash called Scratch. They soon became friends. A while later Shadow met Static the Jolteon and they soon became friends too.

Her Weakness'


Shadow's main weakness are berries. She once ate too many and ended up staying hyper for the entire day and night. The next day she woke up with a headache but that didn't stop her from eating berries. Her team mate (Alakazam) told her to stop eating so many because it might end bad for her. She didn't listen. Then her trainer was involved. He told her that if she continues to eat too many berries he would put her in a berry rehab. She still didn't listen. Few days later she ate too many berries again, this time her trainer was around. Gary wasn't too happy and put her in a berry rehab. several days later she was out and tried to not eat berries for few days. It worked for her but then she continued to eat berries again. In late November her habit of eating too many berries came back. And when she got hyper, Static the Jolteon put her in the berry rehab.


Shadow's other weakness are adventures. If she was told to stay out of trouble you would be able to find her at the pokemon center the next day. Even though she knows its dangerous she continues to go on adventures. One day she nearly lost her life because she sneaked out of the pokemon center while she was badly injured and she got hurt even more.Many pokemon tried to stop her from adventures but she was too stubborn to listen to them. After few weeks she managed to break her paw again. Static and Mark (her friend) told her she can't go on any adventures otherwise Static will use yawn on her.


Shadow is always ready to battle any pokemon. Here are few moves she uses.

More common moves



-shadow ball

-last resort

Favourite moves




-Dream eater

-Last resort

-confuse ray

-iron tail



-double team


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