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Known for his sensitivity
Species sandslash
Age 13
Level 25
Types Ground-type.png
Gender Male
Trainer Lyra
Carrying no item
Nature Timid


Scratch looks like a normal Sandslash, but there are a few differences- Scratch's left ear is slightly bigger than his right ear. His claws are also a bit smaller than those of other Sandslash's. Scratch also has a scar of a claw on his belly but it's hard to see.


Scratch is very introvert and timid and is scared of alot of things, he can be shy at times. It's not hard to fool Scratch as he is rather gullible and naive. Scratch does not like to talk about the way he feels and prefers avoiding his fears and problems than to learn deal with them, as a result he spends most of his time underground because of almost all of the things he fears, dislikes and hates are located on the surface.


Scratch loves to dig and spents lots of time underground searching for minerals. He had dug so much up at some point that he made storage rooms underground to store things he dug up, these rooms have collapsed, leaving a sad Scratch. Sometimes Scratch is underground for multiple days without going to the surface. Some say Scratch goes underground not because he loves it there so much but because he hates the surface.

Scratch also likes to annoy Static by calling him Stacy. But this usually results in Scratch and Static getting into a fight with eachother and Scratch is, eventhough he has the type advantage, most of the time not the one who comes out of this fight as the victor.


Abandoned in the desert almost right after birth Scratch has been wandering around until he found his first trainer, Nate. Scratch became his trainer and Scratch lived with him and here he met Static, Nate's other pokemon who would become one of Scratch's best friends. He also became good friends with an umbreon with the name Shadow. This friendship became also really strong and this is why Scratch refers to Shadow as his sister.

At some point Scratch was in love with a little Jolteon named Spark. Shadow was the only one who saw this and told him to ask Sparks to be his girlfriend. Scratch asked her out and she said yes. After a while Sparks dissapeared leaving Scratch frustrated and lonely.

When Static broke up with his at that time current girlfriend and everyone else could see that Shadow was in love. Because Shadow didn't dare to ask Static out, because she was too shy, she asked help from Scratch. So, Scratch asked Static if he felt the same towards Shadow as Shadow felt towards him, for her and this was going to be the start of a relationship that still is alive.

A while ago, Static proposed to Shadow, who happily agreed to marry. Scratch immediately got excited, his first words when he heared the news were: "Will there be any chocolate cake?" and "Make me many cute nieces and nephews!" When the wedding ceremony took place everybody was talking except for Scratch, well atleast after he got some chocolate from someone. Scratch fell asleep during the ceremony due to lack of sleep and the fact that it was taking really long.

Scratch's first trainer, Nate abandoned him and Static so they started searching for a new trainer. Scratch's new trainer was Lyra, a girl from New Bark Town. Scratch has always been really happy with Lyra even though he doesn't see her much. Lyra has some other Pokemon but there hasn't been any interaction with Scratch as of yet.



→ Main article: Shadow

His big sister who has cheered him up many times. Shadow is one of the few persons whose presence alone is enough to cheer Scratch up, and I mean not just cheering him up but more like cheering him up. Shadow once tried teaching Scratch to bake cookies, surprisingly this wasn't a huge disaster, but this was mostly thanks to Shadow's cooking skills and her constantly fixing all the problems Scratch caused. Scratched later on baked cookies for Shadow when she was sick, this unsurprisingly did end up in a disaster: there was flour all over the place and the result was not just a in flour covered floor and Scratch but completly burned cookies aswell.


→ Main article: Static

Best friend and boyfriend of Scratch's sister, Static and Scratch have had many fights but in the end they always become good friends again. One of these fights for instance was when in the winter of 2012 Scratch threw a snowball at Static resulting in Static freezing Scratch upside-down to a tree with hidden power (ice). Scratch kept screaming at Static to help him get rid of the ice but Static didn't feel like doing so and Scratch hung there for awhile until the ice finally couldn't hold his weight anymore, letting Scratch fall on his head. Tired of all the screaming and crying Scratch tried to get up but, to the enjoyment of Static who was sitting safe on top of a tree branch, he fell back down. After trying to get up some times Scratch finally managed to stagger away from the Jolteon that was laughing at him. Later, a lot of Scratch's friends came to Static,as Scratch had told everything that had happened to Lyra, his trainer, and told Static not to do this kind of things to Scratch anymore, especially since Scratch was( and is) way younger than Static and therefore Static should've been the bigger one.


→ Main article: Kirara

Static and Shadow's child and therefore Scratch his niece. Kirara , just like Shadow, has the ability to cheer Scratch up just by sitting close to him.


Scratch his trainer who lives in NewBark Town.


Scratch's old girldfriend who went missing. Scratch still believes until this day that this was because of him.


Wynaut and Static are like archenemies, Wynaut has tried to kill Static many times but Scratch still doesn't see why Static hates Wynaut, this is because Scratch is very gullible and naive while Wynaut's pretty sneaky in his attempts to dispose of Scratch's best friend.


→ Main article: Jewels

Scratch's other niece, Static and Shadow adopted Jewels. Scratch and Jewels haven't really interacted much so far.

Scratch's stuff

His sleeping bag

→ Main article: Scratch's Sleepingbag

Do you literally take that sleeping bag everywhere? -Static

Scratch's sleeping bag is his favourite thing in the whole world. He has found it somewhere in the desert when he was four and now, at age thirteen he still has it. He takes his sleepingbag with him, no matter where he goes. When Scratch becomes tired he just crawls into his sleeping bag to rest. If he would ever lose his sleeping bag, he'd freak out and be crying all day long.

List of things dug up by Scratch

-Pyrite(also known as fool's gold)Scratch has found lots of pyrite and kept it in one of his storage rooms. Scratch likes the cubic structure of pyrite crystals but that's it.

-Amethyst(a certain kind of quartz) Scratch has found so much of it that he had made one storage room that was completely filled with amethyst. Scratch loves the crystals and the purple colour of amethyst.

-Emerald ,Scratch has found one emerald, polished it, and gave it to his niece Kirara because he didn't really want it and she loved shiny things. Scratch doesn't get why humans go crazy about emeralds; it has no use at all besides being pretty but unlike many other minerals you've got to polish it to make it pretty.

-Iron ore, Scratch has found one iron vein and dug it out. Scratch kept it in the storage room for things of which he has no idea of what to do with it.

-Copper ore, Scratch also found a few copper veins,he kept the cupper in the same storage room as the iron and for the same reason.

-Beryl,Scratch has found some bits of this mineral.

See Also

-Smoky quartz(a certain kind of quartz) Scratch has dug up some of this quartz variation but he doesn't like it, mostly because of the colour being brown.