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Nicholas Kerow

Rocket Scientist, dealing mainly with pokemon and human genetics.


  • Scorch
  • Nick



Employed by Giovanni Sakaki, mainly works at Viridian Gym and Cinnabar Island. Researcher of the Glitch Pokemon and genetic hybrids.


Stays in the (in)famous Pallet Town Patch along with his daughter, Alexis, and her Pokemon. The 'ranch' also houses sick Pokemon Alexis nurses back to health and a lot of glitch pokemon, including Glitch the Missingno and +'M (Plus), the M-Block.


Scorch has a relatively strenge 'family' life- He has a sixteen-year-old daughter and only recently did he find that he was her biological father. Alexis' family (Including her mom and dad) is okay with his 'intrusion' into their lives.

Scorch, seventeen years ago, was with Alexis' mother. He looks similar to her "real" dad, so no one suspected that there was anything odd. Alexis, through the course of her travels, met Scorch and befriended the mild man with no clue that he they were related. However, when he met her family, they were in for quite a shock. Scorch did a paternity test out of curiosity and found that it was a match.

A small conflict occured- but nobody was injured and the family accepted it. Scorch, now staying with the Kerous, is considered more of a "crazy uncle" than anything else.

He stays there for research of the Glitches and the close proximity to Viridian City.


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