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Starfire Magna
Age 18
Gender F
Home Sootopolis City
Pokemon captured Milotic, Arcanine, Absol, Gardevoir, Misdreavus, Mawile, Grimer


Rocket Grunt

Starfire was recently welcomed into Team Rocket as a Grunt. As to be expected, she's been given menial assignments like any other Grunt, but she knows if she's got be promoted to anything higher she has to start at the bottom and work her way up like anyone else. She hopes to prove her worth to Team Rocket.

Pokémon Trainer

Though she has her assignments from Team Rocket to take care of, she still partakes in battles and trains her Pokémon when she can and works hard to keep her Pokémon at their best.

Character Information

Canon Info


Starfire is an original character

Twitter Info

Starfire, also referred to as Star by her friends and colleagues, is typically fairly quiet, but when she does Tweet, she is often either lighthearted and playful or showing concern for someone else in a bad situation, and often gives compliments. She tries to speak with respect to superiors and always tries to show gratitude when given a gift, reward, compliment, etc. She's still rather new at the whole thing, but she's made quite a few friends, both Pokémon and human, with whom she talks on Twitter.

General Info

Starfire is a recently joined Team Rocket member. She is typically quiet but is at times quite friendly, and often tries to brighten people's otherwise dreary days as best she can. She was born in Sootopolis City and has lived in the Hoenn region most of her life. With pretty much nothing for her at home, she joined Team Rocket hoping to find some opportunity to get ahead in life as a trainer, and to meet inspiring people. She is secluded, yet caring, and puts her heart into all she does.

Physical Description

Starfire is 5'7" tall. She has dirty blonde hair, with dark red streaks on the sides of her face and through the middle, that is layered, long down to her rear end on the bottom layer which is typically kept in a ponytail, and the outer layer starts short on one side of her face and is slightly longer than shoulder length by the other side. Her eyes are a deep blue color. She wears the standard black female Team Rocket Grunt uniform.


Reiku Kori, who had just recently joined Team Rocket, had been just a pen pal for the most part up until Starfire's joining Team Rocket. She was glad to finally see him again. They recently discovered and expressed their feelings for each other and are currently a couple.

Recent Events

Participating in the cleanup of Kanto, Starfire was joined by her fellow grunt and childhood friend, now boyfriend, Reiku. Starfire has long cared for Reiku and wishes to continue working alongside him.


Current Team


Nagisa was Starfire's first Pokémon. Unlike most trainers who start out with a starter Pokemon, she was given Nagisa as a present for her ninth birthday. Nagisa was at that time a Feebas, which most people consider ugly, but Starfire had always loved all fish Pokémon, and thought for some reason that Feebas was especially beautiful, in appearance and personality. To prove this to the world, she decided to enter Nagisa in Beauty contests. To prepare for this, she fed Nagisa blue Pokéblocks to raise her Beauty as far as it would go. Then during one day of training after a victorious battle resulting in Nagisa leveling up, Nagisa started to evolve, taking Starfire by surprise, and lo and behold, there in front of her was her very own beautiful Milotic. Star had never even heard of a Milotic before, let alone seen one. It was such a dazzling moment it brought little Starfire to tears as she hugged her new, very big, best friend.


Clio is one of Starfire's most loyal and loving Pokémon. She was Starfire's second Pokémon ever, a Ralts at the time. Starfire has tought Clio to sing (not necessarily to use the move Sing) and Clio takes great delight in singing to her trainer. Every now and then the two of them sing duets, though rarely in front of other people.


Pyre is one of Starfire's most trusted Pokémon and often gives Starfire rides. He loves it when Starfire cuddles with him, which she can often be found doing, as he is very fluffy.

Shinyabsol sprite.png

Abyss is another of Starfire's trusty Pokémon. He is often very calm and collected, and whatever Starfire needs of him, he gets the job done and gets it done quick with swift skill. He can often be seen at Starfire's feet during naps.


Aura came as a surprise encounter to Starfire. She was roaming around a forest one night as a young trainer and encountered the Misdreavus, who seemed all alone and very sad. She caught her on the first throw and she now always comes to her trainer's aide when she needs her. Misdreavus normally feeds on misery, but this Misdreavus lives to make Starfire's day better.


Venus was a gift from Starfire's father, before she left on her journey to the other islands of Sinnoh, Johto and Kanto. She is very spunky and isn't afraid to bite. She doesn't bite Starfire, though. Starfire named her after a Venus Fly Trap.



Cailen was caught in Fuchsia City. Starfire and a fellow grunt, Reiku, were finding homes for the Grimer infesting the area and Giovanni told them they could each take one as a reward for their hard work. Whenever Cailen is out of his Pokéball and not in battle, he thouroughly enjoys clinging to Starfire's leg, getting Grimer gunk all in her boot, a habit which he immediately picked up after being captured. Despite this, Starfire is rather fond of the little goo pile. Isn't he precious?