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Reiku Kori
Does Not Have A Vagina.
Age 18
Gender Male
Home Slateport City
Pokemon captured Swampert, Sceptile, Electrike, Ninetales, Skarmory, Umbreon, Grimer, Bagon


Reiku is a recently joined Team Rocket member. He is very quiet and more content to stand on the sidelines and watch during discussions. HE IS ALSO NOT A GIRL AND IS DEFINITELY STRAIGHT ((Seriously guys this joke is getting old and irritating)). In battle, however, he loves to be part of the action. He has lived in the Hoenn region most of his life and joined Team Rocket originally to be able to travel around the world as well as try to discover his friend's whereabouts. He is a thinker, and rarely jumps to conclusions or acts hastily. He doesn't fool himself into thinking things are true when it doesn't seem like they could be.


Reiku is 5'8" tall. He has light silver hair, almost white, that was cut somewhat short after several gender mistakes. His eyes are a bright teal color. He wears the standard black Team Rocket uniform. Now that Team Rocket is underground, he continues to wear the Rocket shirt but now wears jeans and a dark blue jacket.

He has been mistaken for a girl 38 times to date ((and his RPer is getting really pissed off)).


Reiku lives in the city of Slateport in the Hoenn region. He grew up with his best friend Sanura. When they were ten, Professor Birch visited Slateport and gave them their first Pokemon. Reiku chose a Mudkip while Sanura chose a Treecko. Reiku stayed at home with his Mudkip while Sanura left to take the Pokemon Gym challenge. He left briefly to explore the area surrounding Slateport, but didn't go farther than Fourtree city. When he was fifteen, Sanura returned home in a rush. She was murmuring something about being pursued. Reiku went to see her the next morning only to find that she was gone and a note on her desk with a Pokeball. The note was to him, saying that an attempt was made her life by one of the two teams of the region. She wanted to prevent anything from happening to the son of her Sceptile and wished for him to keep him and protect him. Reiku does not believe that Sanura is still alive but nonetheless searches for her so he can at least confirm her death. He wanted to join a Team, hoping that would help him discover something, but he has found nothing yet. He very recently joined Team Rocket and hopes to discover what happened to his friend through them. Reiku has recently found out that she is, in fact, dead.

Reiku has raised all of the Pokemon on his team from eggs, with the exception of Kipkip, being his starter, and Tsarmina, who he found as an infant.

Recent Events

Reiku had yet to move to a Rocket Base in Kanto when the battle between Team Rocket and League began. When he found out it was happening he flew to the fight, lacking a Psychic Pokemon to teleport him, but by the time he arrived Lance had been defeated. This disappointed him greatly and vows to actually do something when his Team takes over Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Isshu.

Participating in the cleanup of Kanto, Reiku was joined by a fellow grunt named Starfire. Reiku wishes to continue working alongside her and hopes that she likes him like he likes her.

Volkner pushed Reiku and Star together by constantly teasing Reiku about her.

In the battle where Team Magma betrayed Team Rocket, Reiku was hit with debris from the collapsing, burning Team Rocket base. He broke his arm rather badly, but still insists on helping with the cleanup. His Umbreon, Shadow, is not happy about this.

When Team Rocket was forced underground, Reiku believed he saw Volkner deliberately turning his back, and in the resulting fight ended the bromance. Sulking in his room, Shadow took his Pokegear and tried to explain to Volkner. Nik yelled at Volkner and Reiku tried to break them up, when Shadow stole the Pokegear again and yelled at them all, eventually making Reiku take it back and apologize. The bromance is back. Reiku, Star, and Nik are all living in Reiku's old house in Slateport until Team Rocket is ready to make it's next move.

Reiku returned to the Rocket base when things became too quiet in Slateport. He quickly got into a physical fight with Nik and both are now in the infirmary. Grey broke up the fight by hitting them both with Thunder Wave.


On Hand

  • Sceptilesprite.png
    Blade is the son of the Sceptile belonging to Reiku's best friend. He was given Blade when Blade was an egg in order to keep him safe. Blade is male.

  • Umbreonsprite.png
    Shadow is Reiku's most trusted Pokemon and can often be seen following Reiku rather than staying in the Pokeball. Shadow is male.

  • Electrikesprite.png
    Bolt is one of Reiku's youngest Pokemon. He was hatched mere weeks before Reiku joined up with Team Rocket. Bolt has formed a bond with the Manetric belonging to Volkner as it is one of the only ones of his kind he has met. Bolt is male.

  • Ninetalessprite.png
    Tsarmina was not intended to be on Reiku's team. He had intended to capture a Houndour when he found the infant Vulpix. Tsarmina began following him and wouldn't leave. After awhile, she grew on him, and Reiku kept her. Reiku recently obtained a Fire Stone for her. Tsarmina is the mother of the Vulpix and Cyndaquil fathered by Nik's Typhlosion. Tsarmina is female.

  • Skarmorysprite.png
    Eyan is an abnormally large Skarmory, having carried five people at once before. He is exceptionally fast and trustworthy, and Reiku has much pride in his abilities. Eyan is male.


  • Gimersprite.png
    George was caught in Fuchsia City. Reiku and a fellow grunt, Starfire, were finding homes for the Grimer infesting the place and Giovanni told them they could each take one. George is often not in his PokeBall, much to the displeasure of Shadow. George is male.


  • Swampertsprite.png
    Kipkip was Reiku's first Pokemon, obtained at the age of ten like most other Trainers. Being only ten, he gave Kipkip a cutesy name. Kipkip is his strongest Pokemon. Kipkip is currently away from the team with Tem, whom he is trying to train to stop biting everything. Kipkip is male.

  • Bagonsprite.png
    Tem hatched just a few days after Team Rocket was taken down. He immediately showed a pleasure in biting everything in sight. While Reiku is pleased that he'll have a powerful Bite in battle when the time comes, his current concern is keeping him from destroying the house, most importantly leaving the foundations of the basement Bite-free. When he starts Headbutting things, Reiku said in frustration that he will lock him outside with a rock. It is unknown at this point if he actually will. Tem is male.

When Reiku returned to the Rocket base, Kipkip stayed behind with Tem in the Hoenn region and took Tem to a virtually unreachable area of Mt Chimney, where Tem is being trained to control his biting problem by Kipkip, who still has patience with him.