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Leo Davin
Age 18
Gender Male
Home Saffron City
Pokemon captured Dark Crobat, Ekans, Beedrill, Tentacool, Breloom

This guy is a total jerkoff. No really, he'll steal your Pokemon then laugh at your face about it. He also likes to say "Heh" a lot, making him a bigger dick. He also tends to steal loads of Pokemon. He also thinks that the other teams and gangs are wimps compared to Team Rocket.


These here will tell you about his life, m'kay?

The Early Years

As a young boy, he always dreamed of being the world's greatest Pokemon trainer. This dream was soon lost when he found out his father was a member of Team Rocket. Then, young Leo decided to be the greatest member of Team Rocket ever seen. Eventually, his father left home one day and never returned. This gave Leo even more inspiration to become a Rocket, so he could find his father.

The Rocket Academy

He entered the Academy at the age of 14 so that he could train longer than others. He was known to frequently start fights in the academy. During his time, he found that having partners hindered him. Thus, when the final test came, he opted to do it alone. After completing the challenge, he told his teacher, if you want something done, do it yourself.

Rocket Grunt

Leo did not spend very much time as a Rocket Grunt. He was first tasked with getting a Poliwhirl for his current Admin. After wondering around for awhile, he ran into Yellow, a trainer who lived in Viridian Forest. He was utterly annihilated in the battle. Yellow then released all his current Pokemon while he was under Sleep Power. Upon waking up, he remembered his mission, but found he had already been beaten to the punch by another grunt. The Admin was a forgiving one, and told Leo to bring him a Shiny Abra for a promotion. Leo was able to steal a Shiny Abra, and was promoted to field agent.

Field Agent



Leo gets his Pokemon in two ways, he steals them, or actually goes and captures them.

Shadow Crobat

ShadowCrobat.PNG His new main Pokemon, which he stole from another trainer. It is classified how it turned to a Shadow Pokemon.


  • Poison-type.png Cross Poison
  • Flying-type.png Fly
  • Normal-type.png Screech
  • Ice-type.png Haze


Tentacool.PNG Leo caught Tentacool the legit way. He has it to cross water ways.


  • Poison-type.png Poison Sting
  • Normal-type.png Constrict
  • Poison-type.png Toxic Spikes
  • Water-type.png Surf


Beedrill.PNG He also caught Beedrill legitly, but he was trespassing in Viridian Forest while Yellow told him to stay away. He does not have any defensive moves.


  • Poison-type.png Pin Missile
  • Poison-type.png Poison Jab
  • Bug-type.png Twineedle
  • Normal-type.png Fury Attack


Ekans.PNG Leo stole Ekans from a trainer in hopes of evolving her.


  • Dark-type.png Bite
  • Poison-type.png Acid
  • Normal-type.png Glare
  • Normal-type.png Wrap


Breloom.png Was captured while trying to find a way into the Armageddon Base.


  • Fighting-type.png Mach Punch
  • Grass-type.png Stun Spore
  • Grass-type.png Seed Bomb
  • Normal-type.png Headbutt