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Giovanni Sakaki
Leader of Team Rocket
Age ???
Gender male
Home Viridian City Gym
Pokemon captured Buizels Croconaw Lord Empoleon Rattata


Real name

Giovanni Sakaki


Leader of Team Rocket and Viridian Gym.

Twitter found here.

Brief 'bio'

Usually has to struggle to fit within the 140-character range. He is also often away on business calls and meetings, or doing various human activities. He usually tries not to tweet about these, but sticks his nose into varying plotlines. Is the trainer of Buizels (whom he calls Fuzzbutt), Lord_Empoleon, and Croconaw. Rattata was recently added to the mix, and Pitchmon was entrusted to Silver's care.
While in the show and games, Giovanni is a quieter force and controls things from the shadows, on PokeTwitter he has an active hand in many plots and subplots, including the creation of Umbricuno and Linoone's SCIENCE!. He is one of the humans that is widely-regarded as "cool" by the pokemon, and recently many of them have taken up staying in Viridian Gym.
Giovanni hopes that one day, Team Rocket will once again reach its former height of power- but until then, he seems content to Twitter with his pokemon friends. He is currently applying to have the gym reinstated as an official Kanto Gym, after it had been removed due to "shady activities" The gym has officially been reinstated and accepts challengers.
Rumoured (and confirmed) to be Silver's father.


Under construction


Hobbies include drawing and singing, and he often does the former during meetings and latter when he thinks he's alone. Has a Twitpic account on which he posts the drawings. If one wants to hear him singing, they could probably just ask... Then again, he'd likely refuse.