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Brock Takeshi
The Rock-Solid Pokémon Trainer!
Age 26
Gender Male
Home Pewter City
Pokemon captured Many diverse Pokémon, including of course most of the known Rock Pokémon.

Brock Takeshi is the gym leader of Pewter City, and is a blend of all mainstream Pokémon canons. He tries to be extremely serious and feels a large amount of duty and respect towards his fellow gym leaders as well as worthy trainers. He works part time as a security guard and tour guide at the Pewter Museum. He's extremely proud of his close relations with and membership of the ROCK CREW.

My rock-hard willpower is evident in even my Pokémon.
My Pokémon are all rock hard and have true-grit determination.
That's right - my Pokémon are all the Rock type!

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Pewter City

Brock holds great authority in Pewter, despite only being the leader of the towns gym and a security guard at the local museum. He is regarded as the town's protector and law, and often is looked to for decisions. Pewter City is a very traditional town, though with a lively current of scientific appreciation, so Brock tries to leave decisions of the town up to it's elders and bureaucrats, but the towns admiration and respect for him, as well as his own, sometimes hot-blooded, pursuit of justice and the proper way of doing things, lead him to have an active role in the community's decision-making. Pewter City is very much a city of rock, and Brock's specialty gym as well as the geologically focused Pewter Museum could be seen as either demonstrating this or causing this. Either way, Brock takes an active role in Pewter's activities, and he is widely beloved in his town. The people see him as a mentor and guardian, and he has great affection for the town's people.


Brock uses his gym not only as a training center for personal and Pokémon combat, but also as a habitat for Rock-type Pokémon. Because of this, Brock houses large numbers of Rock Pokémon, and has trained nearly as many. He uses various Pokémon of different levels against gym challengers in order to match his opponents' levels of experience. He is more interested in technique than power.

He has trained almost every single species of Rock Pokémon discovered, and often more than one of each. He has many Pokémon of the Geodude line, and keeps his favourite six Pokemon, a special team of Geodude, always with him. He also has at least three Onix, one of which he evolved into a Steelix after his horrible defeat at the hands of Jasmine's Steelix in the Gym Leader Tournament at the Indigo Plateau many years ago.

Brock also has numerous non-Rock Pokémon, which are as listed:

Non-Rock-type Pokémon
Ninetails Marowak Crobat
Pinsir Slowbro Forretress
Heracross Ursaring Pikachu
Ludicolo Marshtomp Croagunk
Chansey Sandslash Lickitung
Primeape Dugtrio

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