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Red レッド
Red reading the Town Map
Age 19
Gender Male
Home Pallet Town, Kanto
Pokemon captured Pikachu Snorlax Lapras Charizard Blastoise Venusaur

Red (Japanese: レッド Red) is a Trainer from Kanto. Most trainers consider his feats to be legendary, while Red himself doesn't think much of it. He was last seen in public during the Pokemon World Tournament in Driftveil City, though many claim to see him in Cerulean City on occasion.


Red is around 5' 7" tall, has light brown hair, and is skinny. He's usually wearing the iconic red colored clothing and hat.


Contrary to popular belief, Red actually does talk. He is quite vocal, and has a good sense of humor. However, he knows when to be serious. Red would take a bullet to keep the people he cares about safe, and has shown this on occasion. In stressful situations, he has a tendency to lose his cool and will run away in an attempt to separate himself from people.



Though not exactly a relationship, Red is very close to Misty ( @PkmnMisty on Twitter ), the Cerulean City Gym Leader. He is incapable of expressing his true feelings for her, which leads him to being depressed on occasion.


Red's journey began when he recieved a Pikachu from Professor Oak. He left Pallet Town and ventured into the world, facing trainers, wild Pokemon, Gym Leaders, and Team Rocket. Along the way, he encountered many things good and bad. His name started to circulate around the region after he easily defeated Giovanni in Saffron's Silph Co., in front of Silph's esteemed CEO. The way he singlehandedly defeated the nefarious Team Rocket was heard of as far off as the Johto and Hoenn regions, influencing others to stand up against evil. Around the world, people learned of the Trainer from Pallet Town and his heroic efforts. During this time, Red's rival, Blue, had become the Indigo Champion. All eyes were on Kanto as the world awaited the inevitable final battle between childhood rivals to take place. Red, however, was unaware that Blue was the League Champion, and was shocked to see that his rival was the final obstacle to face. The battle was fierce, but in the end, Red won. Soon after, Red disappeared, traveling to Hoenn and the Sevii Islands. After being gone for three years, he returned upon hearing of Rocket's revival in Johto. It was then that he heard of the Trainer from New Bark Town, who was quickly rising in popularity as Red had years before. He was soon able to see this power firsthand, while in Goldenrod during the Radio Tower heist. Red had planned to end the problem himself, but upon seeing how the Trainer easily defeated Rockets left and right, instead chose to go into solo training. Red knew he was no match for the trainer he observed, and felt this training atop Mt. Silver would help him discover what he was missing. Before going, however, Red went to Pallet Town, asking a favor of Professor Oak. He told him that if the trainer from New Bark Town could earn the eight badges of Kanto, to give the trainer the HM for teaching Rock Climb to Pokemon, and to send the trainer to Mt. Silver. Soon enough, on a cold day in mid-December, the Trainer from New Bark Town encountered and defeated Red on the summit of Mt. Silver. This defeat was the defining moment in Red's life. He accepted that he was no longer the strongest trainer, and again disappearing. This time he went to Sinnoh, right when Team Galactic began their operations on Spear Pillar. He watched as the Trainer from Twinleaf and Cynthia, Sinnoh's Champion, chased Galactic's leader, Cyrus, into the Distortion World. He would have followed, simply to watch, but was ambushed by a small squad of Galactics. He later returned to Kanto, where he hoped to continue living on the road as had once had, years ago. Feeling unaccomplished, he again disappeared. Years passed, and soon Unova had the world's attention. Red recieved an invitation from a man named Clay, who he later learned was the Gym Leader in Driftveil City. The invitation was to participate in the Pokemon World Tournament, the crown jewel of Unova. Red's time in Unova was brief. He ended up losing in the final round to the Trainer from Aspertia, who had just become Unova's Champion. Red was devastated, and left without a word. He hasn't been seen in public since, though it is reported that he can be seen visiting the Cerulean City gym from time to time.