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Reaper with his trainer, Lory.
Species Weavile
Age 5
Level 65
Types Dark-type.png Ice-type.png
Gender Male
Home Sinnoh
Trainer Lory
Carrying Nothing
Nature Unspecified

Reaper is a young adult Weavile belonging to a Pokemon trainer named Lory. He used to be mostly pacifistic, but his short time as a Shadow Pokemon left lasting damage to his psyche causing him to become more violent. He is currently in recovery from all the trauma.

Reaper's Past


Reaper was born to a female Sneasel of a pack living in Acuity Lakefront, near Snowpoint City. He had several older siblings as his mother was one of the alpha couple of the pack. However, unlike his siblings who were all big and strong, Reaper was a runt. He was born undersized and his growth was very slow. At less than two months of age and barely weaned, he was abandoned by his mother, who saw his weakness as a threat to her position as the alpha female. The pack subsequently turned their back on the young Sneasel, and it looked as though he would die from starvation as he was too young and weak to fend for himself.


Fortunately for the young Pokemon, Thorton (an alternate universe one, NOT the one from Poketwitter!) was searching the area for a suitable Pokemon to capture and give to his friend as their starter Pokemon. He captured the abandoned Sneasel and took good care of him for a while then, in order to meet up with his friend, he travelled through a rift in space and time. Thorton had been pulled into this rift (nicknamed 'the warp') by accident some time previously, and had since learned how to access it at will. He passed through the warp to a world known as Gaia, his friend's home world. Reaper was very confused by the experience, and spent several hours panicking as he tried to adjust to his new home. However, he quickly began to bond with the trainer who had received him as a gift. This trainer's name was Mallory, known by the nickname Lory, and they were a hybrid of human and 'imp', a native race to Gaia characterised by having wings on their heads. They proved to be as capable as any human at taking care of Pokemon, and Reaper soon began to see them as his new mother. As he began to mature and become less panicky, he was allowed out of his Pokeball more, and soon he was bigger and strong enough for training.

Training begins!

After allowing their new Pokemon a month to settle down and become used to them, Lory arranged with Alter!Thorton to travel back through the warp to spend time in Snowpoint City. They disguised their non-human traits and, following their friend, leapt through the proverbial rabbit hole to Sinnoh. When Reaper emerged from his Pokeball to see the familiar snowy landscape, he was thrilled, and he spent most of the excursion training. He and his trainer met Candice, who gave Lory tips on how to best train their Sneasel. Reaper gained eleven levels during the vacation, but a run-in with the much higher levelled wild Pokemon in the area knocked his confidence. However, it also made him determined to train hard and become even stronger than the wild Snover who Wood Hammered his head and landed him in the Pokemon Center. He and Lory had earned six badges and were training to challenge Candice prior to joining Team Rocket.

Team Rocket and turning Shadow

A week or so prior to Team Rocket's attack on the Pokemon League, E4_Silver recruited Lory and Reaper to Team Rocket. He offered Reaper the chance to be cured of his fear of blood, which Reaper happily accepted. This 'cure' entailed being turned into a Shadow Pokemon, turning Reaper into a furious killing machine. Shortly after turning into a Shadow Sneasel, Reaper evolved into a Weavile. He rarely posted on Twitter while Shadow, and most of the tweets he made were violent in nature. He wasn't Shadow for long, though, as during the attack on the Pokemon League he was snagged and purified by Wes. Reaper was traumatized by the whole incident and on at least one occasion burst into tears because of the things he did and his trainer's illness. However, he was still loyal to Team Rocket, as was Lory. Over the following months, he slowly relapsed into the same violent nature he had when Shadow, because of the lasting damage it did to his mind. His fear of blood also became much weaker. After the resistance defeated Team Rocket, Reaper went into hiding in the wild with Lory, watching his trainer rapidly become more feral and unhinged until they both ceased using Twitter completely.

Return to Team Rocket

Reaper and his trainer resurfaced in early 2012, returning to Team Rocket due to Lory's inability to cope without a family structure. During their absence, Reaper got into a fight with a wild Ursaring while in Hyper Mode and was badly mauled, losing the use of his right hand/paw and left eye. After settling in, Lory and Reaper worked as a grunt team in inventory and were among the most productive grunts on base. During this time, Reaper's Pokeball was irreparably damaged, releasing him from Lory's ownership and making him technically a wild Pokemon, though he refused to leave them and still considers them his trainer. It is believed by most of Reaper's teammates that he was responsible for breaking the Pokeball so he could keep a closer watch over his increasingly fragile partner. During his time in Team Rocket, Reaper also fathered twin daughters, Socks and Mittens. Eventually, after witnessing much of the cruelty caused by Rocket, Lory and Reaper decided to go on indefinite leave, later quitting completely after Lory was given treatment in a residential center for people with mental health issues.

Return to former glory

After Lory and Reaper quit Team Rocket, they have both been focusing on recovering from their mental illnesses. Reaper returned to training and is currently having exposure therapy for his fear of blood as well as regular therapy provided for him by Lory to help him work through his trauma. He hasn't flipped into Shadow Mode in at least two years. He had his damaged paw amputated by Cyrus and replaced with a robotic prosthetic, which he firmly believes to be the coolest thing ever. Reaper rejoined Lory's active team towards the end of 2014, and marked his return to form by singlehandedly defeating Clair's entire gym team in a Pokemon battle.

Stats and other such fun

  • Date of birth: 2nd March 2009
  • Height: 2'0" (not including crown)
  • Weight: 25lbs
  • Nature: Naughty
  • Ability: Pressure
  • Likes: Spicy Poffins, attention, hugs, squeeing, battling, shiny things, eggs, Lory, Lory's friends (although he sometimes gets jealous), cardboard boxes, Lazytown, pretty dresses, glitter
  • Dislikes: Losing, boredom, blood, bitter Poffins, people who tease him about his size, travelling through the warp (it makes him nauseous), nightmares, most other Weavile and cats (especially Lesli)
  • Ambitions: To overcome his fear of blood


Swords Dance

Reaper loves this move. It mixes his passion for dancing with the ability to boost his already impressive Attack stat.

Night Slash

This move took a while for Reaper to master due to his phobia of blood, but he's now capable of using it very effectively.

Brick Break

Reaper was taught this move to help him fight against a wider variety of types. He finds it easy to use and loves to use it to knock out prey.

Ice Punch

Reaper learned this attack because he couldn't deal damage effectively with Icy Wind. He finds Ice Punch much easier and more effective to use. It is his strongest attack and signature move.


Reaper is quite a bratty youngster, really. He loves to snark and make fun of others, and secretly delights in being annoying. However, he's one of the less malicious Weavile on Twitter and will never cross his target's limits if he's aware of them. He doesn't like it if he's taken less seriously than his trainer or other humans just because he's a Pokemon. Reaper and Lory have a slightly vitriolic but very close relationship and while he teases them a lot, he is very protective of them and all his Pokemon teammates. Reaper is not confident in his parenting skills and as a result is very awkward around young Pokemon.


Reaper is much smaller than average. This could either be due to dwarfism, failure to thrive as an infant, or a combination of both. His limbs are normally proportioned, suggesting that if he is a dwarf, it is due to growth hormone deficiency rather than achondroplasia.

Due to his unusual size, many people find it hard to tell Reaper's gender. Trainers/Pokemon who know a lot about Weavile, however, can tell that Reaper is male. He is not upset when people mistake him for a girl, and sometimes likes to deliberately confuse people in this respect.

Reaper is prone to hyperactivity, and has been forbidden from consuming anything sugary without his trainer's supervision. NEVER give him caffeine.

In summer 2009, Reaper tried to give up eating meat and animal products. He failed, and since then no longer has a problem with being a carnivore.

Reaper has a British accent (specifically English RP), which is unnoticeable to humans but slightly more noticeable to other Pokemon and in his writing style. He also quite likes tea, but is only allowed caffeine free kinds.

As a teen, Reaper often looked at NSFW images online. Lory set a parental filter on his laptop, but being of a species notorious for their intelligence and sneakiness, he quickly found ways to bypass it. He still looks at porn as an adult but Lory no longer bothers to try and stop him.

Reaper wishes he was a lesbian and not a hetero, he wouldn't have to mess with men and all their come and go, and all their awful facial hair and yucky machismo. He hates that damn machismo.

Reaper once injured Lory, making them bleed so heavily that they had to go to hospital. They have a bleeding disorder. Since then, Reaper had a phobia of blood.

Reaper likes to wear pretty dresses. The frillier, the better.