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i am gliscor. i can learn moves other gliscor cant.
Species Gliscor
Age ??
Level 75
Types Ground-type.png Flying-type.png
Gender M
Home any dark cave, any region
Trainer Wild
Carrying razor fang
Nature Unspecified

i am a level 50 wild gliscor once owned by a dark trainer. he now has empoleon, dugtrio, and staravia. he used to have me. i use to live in a wide area of eterna city, fighting gardenia every day.then he released me when he caught staravia. it was a great day since i never liked him that much. now i fly along the sky visiting friends.


some of my friends never knew me when i joined twitter, then they knew me right away. some of them are croconaw, roserade, and pichu. i visit them often.


i started twitter when all my pokemon friends got computers and joined twitter. then i said "i can join to!" so here i am, along with all pokemon on twitter.

10 gliscor facts

number one: not all gliscor are as nice as me and ashes gliscor. number two: its hard to be comfortable number three: all gliscor love tacos number four: as scary as we seem, we hate horror movies. i've never met a gliscor who liked them. number five: we also hate dark trainers. we seem dark, but we hate dark pokemon. by dark, i mean EVIL! number six: we make friends easily with water and grass types, even though we are ground type. number seven: some gliscors never make sense. i'm the one who makes all the sense* number eight: some people think gliscors ripped off twilight. not true, gliscor were discovered before twilight. number nine: gliscors have bad eyesight during the day, but is AWESOME at night. number ten: us gliscor do not bite, but since we are half scorpion, our tail stings.

  • sense is a dish gliscors eat all the time. i own a sense food store in almia and get all the customers.

the bat attack

the bat attack is a phase which all gliscors go through at a certain time or are born with it. the percentage of getting the bat attack as a gliscor is 90%. the chances as a zubat, or any other bat pokemon, are 50%. the chances of any other pokemon you can think of is .00000000001%, so gliscor are very likely to get it when there born, and have it for the rest of there lives. as for me, i have the bat attack for now, but not for the rest of my life. to get rid of the bat attack, just do nice things for people, and pokemon.



earth power