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twitterdex poketwitter bamf since april fool's, 2009
Species Raichu
Age 13
Level 77
Types Electric-type.png
Gender Male
Home Vermilion City Gym
Trainer Lt. Surge
Carrying Carbos
Nature Unspecified

Most awesome thing on Poketwitter, dude.

Raischu "BEAST" Raichu

I'm a guy with a good life, a nice job, and a helluva punch to pack. I trash kids and their Bulbasaurs and stuff and drink Carbos and play video games and hang around and tweet with my buddies. My Trainer, Lt. Surge, is the Leader of Vermilion Gym. Make it past our intern Trainers, beat me, and you'll earn the Thunder Badge. I'm super tough - even my crazy American trainer couldn't kill me, so I'd like to see you babies try. I think stayin' little's a waste of time when you can evolve - punks who aren't evolved, baby Pokemon? Total losers. Asstards. And that rush you get when a Thunderstone shocks all your fur off? Crazy, dude, even better than a Carbos rush. I'm pretty easygoing, I like to chat it up and I'm always up for a battle unless I don't feel like it. Which is a lot because I have better shit to do Hey hey, just so we're clear - no fuckin speedy Pikachu never beat me. I thrashed him, then they wanted to move the plot along, whatever, I'll take a hit for the show. Everybody knows Electric-type gyms are the best ones out there.

Recent Tweets


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Some people've got the wrong idea that I was ever a Pichu. Dudes, in my day, Pichu barely existed. They all lived in Johto and us stronger Pikachu and Raichu would beat 'em up and shit so by the time they cross the border they're already evolved at least to a loser Pikachu. Nah, I started life as a Pikachu, and I was the friggin' best of the bunch. I won tons of battles, my dad and mom were proud of how big and strong I was, I knew I was gonna go places someday, dude, I'd look out over the ocean and imagine meeting legendary Pokemon and maybe, once in a while, thinkin' that it'd be alright to get caught in a Pokeball for the sake of adventure. But heck mostly I just liked shocking Rattata and Caterpie in the woods and beatin' my Pikachu pals in battles. I wasn't so good at racing, though. Just when I'd figured I'd just enjoy myself as a squishy little yellow rat forever and snuggle with momma and poppa, along came a kid Army volunteer named Surge, and up I was snatched at Level 14 by a Great Ball. That's right, a Great Ball. No two-hundred plain Pokeball for this sucker. Switched out the actual ball later on, though, cause of... well, we'll get to that dude. Anyway I was a Pikachu and Lt. Surge caught me. Pikachu are so lame, he knew that too. He's a man's man, except when he's drunk.


Surge was a real hard-ass. Because he was, the guy's a total maniac even before he goes real crazy - he trained his Pokemon real good, made us run until we couldn't run anymore, had us battle to our limit, tied us to rocks and dropped us in the river, all that shit. Trainers can't get away with that these days! He was tough, but he was damn good. He evolved me pretty quick too - My Electric attacks were fucking sweet. I had to learn speed moves from a move tutor later on. After that one kid. I was his only Electric-Type, I think, he had some random lame Pokemon that I don't remember because they weren't evolved and it was like fifteen years ago. We didn't get real close, we were all business and battle and fighting all the time. The guy wanted to join the Army and he knew if he had tough Pokemon he could get promoted more quick, and he was crazy and American. American fuckers are the best kind. So he ended up with me because I kick ass and take names, and some Butterfree and like a Wartortle or somethin', and then we went off to boot camp, pretty much like living with the guy already.


So he registers, and us Pokemon get nametags too and go hang out with others of our type to train and shit, don't know who the war was against, mostly just battled. I was with a bunch of other Electric-types, and a whole ton of them are still members of my Gym or one of the other Electric-type ones, cuz we're all wicked strong, so we talk sometimes, but most of us still aren't so close and the rest are dead. Whatevs. They trained us to run under fire, deflect all sorts of attacks with stuff, camouflage shit. The faster ones ran messages and we all had jobs close to whatever we were real good at. Since I was good at fighting I ended up out in the field during a big battle usually. It was goin' well, no one had died yet and mostly the main assault was coming on slow. Only problem was their primary Pokemon offensive was Rhyhorn and Rhydon, and in real life you can't fucking aim for the horn, so the Electric Types were hanging back taking care of other stuff while Earthquakers and water types and shit went on ahead. Just so happened that some prick of an enemy commander had sent some sort of secondary strike around our back, and we were caught totally unprepared. They trashed more than one tank before our backup could come in and take care of them. Sittin' around, itching to fight, I heard somethin underneath a beat-up tank or whatever that the Rhydon had smashed through. My squad ran over, getting the Normal-types to take care of maintenance for a few minutes. I got some Voltorb to roll in and explode some debris out of the way, then th' Magnemites did that weird electric field trick where they get in a circle and grab shit and we were clear to look around. A Pikachu spotted enemy soldiers coming to sweep the area again and it and the others held 'em off by zapping and stuff, trying to paralyze the Pokemon. Me and an Electabuzz and Jolteon from my team found none other than Surge, stuck under a crap-ton of junk. Jolt and I pulled him out while Electabuzz kept the whole friggin' truck from falling on him, and we made it out just barely. He looked pretty shocked, dunno if he even recognized me since we hadn't been working together for a while, but after a couple minutes of coughing and shit he stands right up, salutes us, and runs back into the fray. He may be a lunatic, but the guy's a soldier. I think he probably killed like a million dudes and Pokemon that day, he's pretty hardcore.

As a Gym Pokemon

I'm pretty sure that was what got him liking Electric-types, but don't quote me on that, man. After some more military shit, torture that makes people go crazy, and shit where a bunch of Pokeballs broke and half of us had to get new ones, Surge decided to take a break from military life and go back to being an honest American citizen. Fat fucking chance. Dunno what happened to his other Pokemon that came overseas with us, but he kept me and caught or traded for other Electrics, including the Electabuzz and an Electrode that'd helped us out in the big tank thing incident, saying stuff like "Electric Pokemon are fucking awesome dude" except in Surge lingo and other big-bad Trainer talk, he retired to Vermilion City to be by a seaport in case he got called on again. I grew up near the water, like a river, whatever, and I got to digging the ocean. Learned Surf. Despite Surge's efforts at being a normal not-crazy not fighting obsessed guy, before long we were back t'work. Surge started up a training ring and we all battled Trainers passing by and Sailors and losers all the time. After he gained a reputation, when the Indigo League was setting itself up and stuff, he started an official Gym and took his place as one of the eight Gym Leaders to start testing Trainers in a pro-feshinal way. We got no sleep for like three years, dead serious. Then all four regions started tradin' and talkin' more and before y'know it, we've got barely anything to do. The Gym ran steady but quiet for years. Few years back we had a swarm of new Trainers, going on about fire and leaves weird shit they're smoking... then nothin'.

Daily Life

I'm fine chilling out. I do fights around the Gym, play my video games, drink a shit load of Carbos, tweet, and convince lame loser Pokemon from the Fan Club to evolve. When we got a load of new Trainers looking to earn their badge and enter the League, I switch off battling with a Pikachu we got hanging around. Lt. Surge is here half the time, half the time he isn't and I take commands from a stand-in assistant. We got a good structure here, we all know how to work in a gym.


Damn straight

Twitter Pals

Pichu My little bro. We're fucking awesome. We're the electric punks of Poketwitter and he's basically the only unevolved Pokemon, let alone baby, that I can stand. got a soft spot for Pichu there. I'm always gonna be there for him even when he acts like a pussy and is nice to everybody, because he rocks and you gotta look out for family.

Croconaw Broconaw, yeah, he's cool. Guy's not all there sometimes, biting shit and accidentally doing all sorts of crazy drugs, but we speak the same language. Dude's a good fight match too though we don't got the time to battle usually. always worth chattin with and bitch can breathe underwater

Houndour Yeaah houndour nice guy too bad the little shit won't evolve but i'm holding out hope

Rocketmafia Don't normally chat with trainers but this guy is damn cool

Buizels ehhh.... Bui, bui bui, he used to be totally naive and a pushover and he refuses to evolve, but he can be cool, and we've had one hell of a battle once and it'd be awesome to do it again. keep an eye on his tweets, guy always seems to get himself into serious trouble

AwesomeAmpharos Hey hey, this guy rocks. Electric, evolved, and a punkassbitch...well when he's not whining. we rock the house with electricity and always got time to chill out together

Charizard sweet dude he's somewhere between hardcore and pansy but he rocks either way. and he's goddamn evolved into a charizard too

this section is never really gonna fill up properly yo


My fellow Gym Pokemon, dude, ones who train at Vermilion to be the best Electric-Types ever. I dunno if I should even list them unless the guys get twitter accounts.

OOC Companions

Misdreavus is basically the skitty to my wailord, the james to my jessie, the lucarios to my shiningarceus. we kick ass and our characters have pretty much never met but we're total biffs off twitter

Pichu is a sweetheart we're still like bros in chat and we have plenty of sexy awesome teamwork

Buizels i do like to see him in chat!

Bellsprout Sprouty and I are tight like remoraid and mantine her crazy legs keep me up all night

Rocketmafia is awesome and cool

Illumise we're a dastardly duo when ooc, even though our characters never talk man

Croconaw BROCONAW, 'nuff said

Gengar Yeah, he was a freakshow and a jerkoff but we used to hang out in chat, it was pretty slick

Sir Drapion We also get along good in chat and shit, and I got another character or two that hangs with him....but you don't need to hear 'bout them

AwesomeAmpharos kickass electric team go!

Totodiler Got this guy into Poketwitter. dunno if he'll hang around, but we do enjoy each other's company now and again

Exploud sexploud is my anti-drug

Heatran Awesome guy, super smart, spooky, great to talk to and he picked heatran of all the pokemon how much more boss can you get?

AbomasnowDude Aboma's cool, we haven't talked toooo much but hell if we hang out in chat we're buddies

Shiny Wooper wooper and i have had conversations and enjoyed chat experiences together ever since woopa joined

Of course, most of us who RP together spend time hanging out - you never know, so maybe you gotta try visiting sometime. In chat and on the forums and stuff, it's surprising who gets along with whom. but hey, why would i add a section if i didn't care?

Learned Moveset

Defendin' my turf

Attacks I know? Psh, man.

Gym Moves

I'm a Gym Pokemon, I can only use four for official battles. Here's what I'm registered under.

Thunder Wave Mega Punch Thunderbolt Mega Kick

Other Learned Moves

And dude Pokemon aren't retarded we don't have to forget moves just to make space for new ones. These are most of the other moves I've learned. In the past, they may or may not've been part of my registered Indigo League moveset or a moveset for another tournament. I can use these anytime in a non-official battle or separately registered in another league. In various combinations, I've used each of these moves in a different place.

Body Slam Thundershock Growl Surf
Volt Tackle Quick Attack Iron Tail Thunderbolt
Double Team Shock Wave Submission Seismic Toss
Reflect Reversal Flash Agility
Fly Yawn

Other Info

On Twitter

Twitter Profile Image

I joined Twitter cuz Surge has a sick computer and I got nothing better to do. I was screwing around on the internet one day when I saw this Twitter thing and other Pokemon using it - and shit, some of them lived basically in my backyard. I joined Twitter couple weeks after I started taking carbos and man I have gotten fucking fast. Made some pals, got in some fights, but I'm not a fake, dude, I don't take crap from anybody, got my friends' backs, and hell I'm awesome. Tend to miss out on the big action but whatever I seen enough craziness in my day.

Plot Shit

Nothing because Rais doesn't do plot shit

Other characters

Raischu is also the mastermind behind PkmnHunterJ, Darklai, and LARVATAR. They're different characters, though, so don't even think about acting like we're friends. I mean, LARVATAR is unevolved for fuck's sake.

Off Twitter

I mostly just hang out at the Gym, play Pokemon Snap, train with fellow gym Pokemon or Pokemon from around town. Take a trip every so often or whatever, I'm gonna try and get to America again one of these days. I also help clear Snorlax when they fall asleep on the routes or wash out blockage at Diglett Cave, but I don't like to talk 'bout my community service hours so much.


Stole half the code from FAQs, templates, and messing around, and the other half I got down by messing with Pichu's code, thanks li'l bro for being cool! All pictures are either official art, screenshots from Electric Shock Showdown, or images from the "Lt. Surge's Raichu" TCG cards and their variations.