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Quentin evolved .jpg
I'm a lawyer. Is that really hard to believe?
Species Ivysaur
Age 30
Level 45
Types Grass-type.pngPoison-type.png
Gender Male
Home Kanto
Trainer Wild
Carrying Wheelchair
Nature Calm

Quentin is a serious, somewhat uptight Ivysaur that has attained sentience, and is a lawyer. He is quite snarky by nature, fearless of whatever comes his way. However, he is also sensitive and witty, certain of what he wants and easygoing to events beyond his control. Usually serious, Quentin draws a clear line between work and time on his own.


Quentin lost the use of his back legs from an ill-fated car accident. This also killed an important witness he was transporting, costing him the case. When this occurred it trapped Quentin in his first evolutionary form of a Bulbasaur, unable to evolve. Researching a murder in Forina, he met Torch and the accompanying Nyx, managing to apprehend an accomplice with their help. As a reward, he sent the duo each a Pokégear. Due to a miscommunication meeting Torch and his friend Blake again over a campfire, the Torchic and Piplup went off to search for an Eviolite which they thought could help in Quentin's evolution. When Quentin found out how Torch had nearly drowned trying to look for that Eviolite, he rejected the gift- breaking the younger Pokémon's heart. This caused Quentin to fall into the bad books of Torch's master Articuno, who warned him to stay away from the Torchic to 'avoid toying with the child's feelings'. Quentin in general could scarcely bother himself with a Legendary at that point in time, and Torch eventually forgave him when they reached an understanding over the matter.

Quentin also befriended Odolwa over a game of basketball, giving the Meganium advice on a variety of issues. Undergoing an operation to release pressure on his spine, Quentin evolved after an ill-fated encounter with an arrogant Porygon. Since he is on hiatus from his job, he now travels the region and gets by through pretending to be a cabbage in various Berry Patches, a hobby of his.

Currently he is putting up the enigmatic Hoopa in his residence.

Quentin's Wheelchair

A red-coloured wheelchair that props his back legs up, with a strap that fastens him inside the chair. It contains various items such as:

  • Two iPads. One was broken by a Slurpuff when she slathered cream all over the fragile tablet. The other is functional.
  • A tumbler of coffee
  • A basketball for him to use
  • A black folder, containing usually-confidential documents for any current cases on hand that cannot be digitalised.
  • An Up-grade, from the arrogant Porygon


  • Quentin was recycled from a failed Giratina account.
  • The handle 'TippedScales' allude to the balance of the scales of justice due to his job, and can also be interpreted as the scales on the reptilian Ivysaur's body(indicating how it is difficult to befriend the jaded Quentin).
  • His handle as a Bulbasaur was 'SeedBombed', as Seed Bomb is the last move Bulbasaur learns naturally at level 37. This also alludes to the fact that he cannot evolve despite his high level, and Seed Bomb is Quentin's signature move.
  • Quentin is one of four lawyer Pokémon that exhibit human-like behavior.
  • The character Quentin is based off the main character of 'Sudden', a lawyer drama that aired in September. Due to this, the characters share many similarities- in particular the disability of being paralysed waist down.
  • Quentin was created in late August to pre-empt events as of the last bullet point and to live-tweet events occuring within. After the drama ended, Quentin became a standalone account.