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Species Alakazam
Age 20
Level 22
Types Psychic-type.png
Gender Male
Home Roaming
Trainer Wild
Carrying TwistedSpoon
Nature Unspecified

About Me

Hey all, I'm an Alakazam known as PsychicStache. You probably know me from my well groomed mustache or even my brilliant mind. Either way, I'm here to stay. My psychic powers are more powerful than average, once I managed to bend the world's silverware. Professor Oak wasn't happy with that...

I did have a trainer for awhile... however, he failed hard, so I decided to leave and give myself a better life. I will learn about the world on my travels, gaining knowledge to increase my IQ of 3,000.

Currently, I am traveling, and I picked up a Proton Pack... now instead of getting defeated by Ghost Pokemon, I can capture them.

Fun Facts

  • Has a Shedinja friend known as WonderGuard.
  • Had a former Trainer who sucked.
  • Likes to bend silverware.
  • Has the best Mustache in the Pokemon World.
  • He currently has a Proton Pack, like a Ghostbuster. Yeah... there are apparently proton packs in the wild. Who knew?

Lastest Tweets

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