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Ash Ketchum
I thought Pika was in the ball, so I took a photo. But he got me again.
Age I am eternally young.
Gender Excessively male
Home Pallet Town, Kanto
Pokemon captured All of them!

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It appears this user is no longer on Twitter.

Ash Ketchum

He caught all the pokémon in the world in his youth, and as he never actually grows any older, has resigned to a life of going out, attempting (in vain) to pick up female trainers from bars with the classic line, 'Want to see how I use my Pokéballs?', and using Oxford commas in sentences. He has no need of a job as he constantly receives royalties from the gaming, motion picture, animé and TCG franchises that are based on his achievements in life. Unsurprisingly, he spends all of this money on alcohol and travelling.


Joined on: 10 January 2010

Having failed to make any relationships in the real world, Ash joined Twitter to attempt to find love on it, or at least some companionship. Thus far, he has been unsuccessful. Ash goes through brief periods of acceptance of this fact, and continues to update about his life in the hope that some day in the future, people will want to know what happened to the legend they've grown up with.

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