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Pokémon Breeder
She's a Pokémon Breeder. She breeds Pokémon.
Age 22
Gender Female
Home File:Clearing.gif
Pokemon captured Currently in Kanto:
· Gardevoir
· Neu (Lucario)
Staying at shop:
· Gardevoir (manager; normally assists with shop, but is in Kanto right now)
· Espeon (assistant manager, presently handling Gardevoir's responsibilities)
· Blissey (rarely; almost always stays at Solaceon Pokémon Center as a back-up nurse)
Travels with:
· Skitty (more of a pet than a battler; shiny)
· Vulpix
· Kadabra
· Espeon (same as above; rarely)
Currently breeding:
· Vulpix
· Ralts
Many others owned due to her job as a breeder.

A young woman with a deep interest in raising healthy, happy Pokémon, Pokémon Breeder has dedicated her life to just that: breeding Pokémon. She runs a small shop in Sinnoh, just west of Solaceon Town and north of Hearthome City. Surrounded by trees, her rather secluded home houses more Pokémon than many people realize, though usually only one or two species are actually visibly being raised at one time.

Pokémon Breeder does not consider herself to be much of a trainer, though she does carry Pokémon with her so she is prepared in the event of a wild encounter or confrontation. She has studied much about Pokémon movesets, diets, natures, and even the fairly obscure concept of "IVs", which all help to make up for her lack of battling experience. She is often underestimated by arrogant Trainers, who frequently end up giving her the prize money.

Her other hobbies include reading, drawing, video games, and occasional Contest participation. Pokémon Breeder has recently created the ASCII Weedle of Gratitude: <(:o)(  )(  )(  )™ It is a rare award she distributes only to those she feels worthy. She sometimes experiments in the kitchen, trying to make new gourmet Pokémon food. She intends to keep with it, as she currently only has food for the Pokémon listed here.

As far as anyone knows, she has no immediate family in Sinnoh, but it's rumored that she is somehow related to a certain Day-Care Couple.





Gardevoir's main role is to manage PokemonBreeder's shop. Her responsibilities range from watching over newly hatched eggs to interacting with customers inclined to buy a specialty Pokémon. She and PokemonBreeder have been close friends for years. She has a modest, caring, and responsible nature. Her favorite berries are Ganlon, Kelpsy, Pamtre, Wiki and Aguav.


When PokemonBreeder first came of age and was permitted to raise Pokémon, she set out to see a particularly distinguished Breeder who specialized in training Psychic Pokémon to speak telepathically, enabling clear communication with humans. As PokemonBreeder has always felt especially drawn to Psychic-types, she had an added incentive (aside from a Breeder's natural curiosity about such things) to look into the requirements for teaching this method of speech.

After arriving at the experienced Breeder's shop, PokemonBreeder had an internship of sorts, learning the basics of teaching telepathic speech to Pokémon. During her stay, the Breeder was currently teaching a group of recently-bred Ralts. At the end of her internship, PokemonBreeder was allowed to take one of the Ralts with her. The first Ralts to catch her eye was a male, but the older Breeder expressed concerns that he was still too young and hadn't fully grasped telepathy yet; it seemed to PokemonBreeder at the time that there was perhaps another reason the Breeder wasn't sharing, but she accepted this explanation. The Breeder, much to PokemonBreeder's surprise, suggested that instead she should take the female Ralts who had been showing the greatest promise (PokemonBreeder had been sure the Breeder wanted to keep this particular Ralts for herself). PokemonBreeder gladly accepted this offer, and this is how she acquired Gardevoir.

Current Situation

Presently, Gardevoir is missing. According to Espeon, she went on some sort of soul-searching journey. Espeon also indicated that it seemed to her that Gardevoir may be trying to find a mate.

The night Flygon and GoldenCharizard were injured, Gardevoir started acting quite differently all of a sudden. She became very awkward and distant. The exact trigger for this shift is yet unknown, as that was a very busy night. Her owner and best friend PokemonBreeder had injured her ankle severely, and emotions were running high due to Flygon's injury and GoldenCharizard's sudden malady after she had brought Flygon and PokemonBreeder up to PokemonBreeder's shop for medical treatment on Flygon's wing. It was also one of the rare times she shared a room with another adult Pokémon, Neu, who stayed the night after assisting PokemonBreeder in getting Flygon and GoldenCharizard to Solaceon Pokémon Center for the serious medical aid they needed.

Shortly thereafter, she went missing for the first time. PokemonBreeder went looking for her on her sprained ankle, and nearly decided to go all the way to Snowpoint to find her, the logic being that Gardevoir was worried about the shiny Vulpix (he has since been named "Foxy") PokemonBreeder had given to GoldenCharizard the night of her injury, and this is where GoldenCharizard had gone, looking for a cure. When it was confirmed that Foxy was safe, Gardevoir returned home.

Gardevoir teleported PokemonBreeder to Kanto, where Neu and Galactic Grunt had been taken after being kidnapped. However, Gardevoir seemed especially cold and remote, and left them all there in Fuchsia City with no simple way back. When PokemonBreeder finally returned home, Espeon revealed that Gardevoir had left on a spirit journey. Her whereabouts are still unknown.






The clearing where Pokémon Breeder lives.

The Pokémon Breeder's shop, where she also resides, is located in a forest-like area north of Hearthome City/Amity Square and west of Solaceon Town. The two-story house itself is in a serene clearing surrounded by trees, with a large upstairs balcony facing the connected open area just a short walk away.

The open section of the clearing -- the part without the house -- features a single tree on a raised bit of land that is above the ankle-deep fresh water that runs through this area. This is a favorite drinking spot for many of Pokémon Breeder's Pokémon, as well as an occasional wild Pokémon. Pokémon Breeder herself finds the shade tree in the center of the spring to be a very suitable spot for napping, reading, and the like. A long, tree-lined path leads out of the woods into Solaceon Town, while another, shorter path from the spring leads back to the house.

Most of the downstairs part of the house is actually used for the shop and breeding. The rooms include the main shop area (managed by Pokémon Breeder and Gardevoir), the information desk (usually managed by Espeon), the kitchen (stocked for preparing both human and Pokémon food, with a full selection of berries), a bathroom, a utility room, and lastly, a large breeding room where the currently breeding Pokémon may stay when they should be inside. It is fully furnished with suitable bedding, a small fountain for drinking and light washing, and a snack kit the Pokémon can access if they are hungry between meals. Gardevoir often sleeps in here to supervise any young Pokémon and bring them what they need.

The upper floor is Pokémon Breeder's personal space. Gardevoir, Espeon, and her other personal Pokémon are allowed upstairs at will, but it is rare for her to allow anyone else, especially humans, into this area. To date, Galactic Grunt is one of the only humans she has ever allowed upstairs. The only walls in the upper floor are to separate the living room half from the bedroom half (where the stairs lead), and those around the upstairs bathroom (in the bedroom half). Her bedroom is large and open with a sloped ceiling, and a sliding glass door leads out to the large balcony overlooking the clearing. From the top of the stairs (bottom left of the room, for reference; stairs span most of bottom wall, small space to bottom right has door to bathroom), upon turning right to enter the room, the left wall would be to one's left. Ahead on the left wall is the door to the living room, along with the dresser. Centered on the far (top) wall is her bed, Queen-sized so Espeon can share when she wants -- Skitty almost always sleeps here. There is a dressing table to the right of the bed on the top wall (when facing the top wall), and when standing at the foot of the bed facing the bottom wall, there is a full-length mirror along the banister in front of the stairs. The right wall has the sliding door to the balcony. The living room has a fold-out couch, computer desk, bookshelf, mini-fridge, microwave, and a large collection of video games. While the rest of the house has a very natural wood appearance, the living room is more modernized, with carpet and all.

Gourmet Pokémon Food

Current Recipes

Pokémon Breeder can currently prepare gourmet food for the following Pokémon:

  • Skitty/Delcatty [two recipes available; one more fish-based, the other more berry-based]
  • Vulpix/Ninetales
  • Abra/Kadabra/Alakazam
  • Ralts/Kirlia/Gardevoir/Gallade
  • The Eeveelutions (Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon)
  • Murkrow/Honchkrow
  • Riolu/Lucario
  • Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard
  • Mareep/Flaaffy/Ampharos

Some other Pokémon are able to eat these foods, but they were intended specifically for the Pokémon listed.

Recipes In Progress

Pokémon Breeder is presently trying to learn how to prepare gourmet food for the following Pokémon:
(None currently requested)


Pokémon Breeder's website. She sells Pokémon for D/P/Pl.

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