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Hunter J
The Pokemon Hunter
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Home Unknown
Pokemon captured Sir_Drapion, Ariados, Salamence

Hunter J is a Pokemon Hunter who steals Pokemon from Trainers, then sells them for profit. She has henchmen, armored vehicles, and a gigantic invisible airship, all of which implies that she's been at this for a while and that she's very, very good. She'll do anything to capture the Pokemon - the more ruthless the tactics, the better, though she's really just business-minded. She's been known to destroy forests and harm people and Pokemon in her way. Her henchmen are largely disposable, though Pokemon she would profit off of are not. She's perfectly happy to injure or kill Trainers who try to stop her, ordering her Pokemon to attack the Trainers themselves.

On Twitter

Hunter J on her Salamence

J uses her Twitter to make deals and get in contact with business partners. For example, her long-time platonic acquaintance Pike Queen Lucy. She's also been known to converse with Rocketmafia, but really, everyone does that. She also keeps tabs on which Pokemon are easy to track through their Twitter, in case she needs to steal one for a client. The fact that her Sir_Drapion has had one for some time came as a surprise to her.

Pike Queen Lucy

Is just a friend.


Is secretly valued.


Makes her quite jolly.

Hunter J and her business partner threatening her Drapion

Previous Conquests


Hunter J got a new functioning bracelet just in time for her entire airship to explode, fall into a whirlpool, and die. Luckily she had Salamence in its Pokeball and an escape pod. She picked up an old tank from one of her many connections, accessed some old accounts, ran into her Drapion (and his new Illumise wife) again, and is now making her way towards Pike Queen Lucy's to reestablish their business relationship whilst rebuilding her place in the black market.

No Longer Recent

Hunter J's bracelet that turns Pokemon to stone was destroyed in an attempt to capture Regigigas. She's peeved and can't wait to repair it.