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Fuck yea!
Species paras
Age 21
Level 23
Types Grass-type.png
Gender male
Home Viridian Forest
Trainer Wild
Carrying Awesomeness
Nature Unspecified

Paras thinks of himself as the best. He always get on people's nerves. Which is more entertaining to him. He usually spends his time digging in Viridian Gym but was recently kicked out.

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It appears this user is no longer on Twitter.

U fukken thought YEET

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Digging holes in the forest.

Digging holes in Viridian Gym.

Flooding the gym twice.

Pissing Croconaw off.


Paras always acts like a complete jerk. He is a horrible liar and hates being beaten.
In other words he is extreamly fucking friendly.

Special Abilities

Being wicked fucking awesome.