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The paintiest Pokemon Twitter has ever seen.
Species Smeargle
Age 8
Level 68
Types Normal-type.png
Gender M
Home Smeargle Estates
Trainer Wild
Carrying Paint.
Nature Unspecified

General Information

SuperSmeargle is a Smeargle who has had a long and dark past. He lived in Mosdeep City with a group of friends until the town was attacked by Team Magma. Team Magma kidnapped him and murdered some of his friends. Under capture, Groudon and Dialga turned him into a dark, evil version of himself. For three and a half years, he lived as a shadow of his former self. Then, Team Magma decided to remove him from their ranks and restored him to his previous state. He was dumped in Johto, and could not remember a single thing before the dump. A few years later, he was captured and brought to Viridian City. There, Buizels gave him a de-evolution serum, which gave him back his memories. During the Dusknoir Encounter, his Shadow side came out under the stress. Thinking he was possessed, he went to a cave in Sinnoh to cleanse himself. He accidentally unleashed an Army and did get possessed. The possessed SuperSmeargle attempted to kill every Pokemon. Shadow Smeargle, fought the ghost out and called back the forces. A few days later, ShadowSmeargle, who had now retained control completely of SuperSmeargle, went to kill Maxie, leader of Team Magma. When SuperSmeargle came out, he went to SooshiKyogre for help. Upon discovering Arceus and splitting himself permanently, he headed home and shot himself in an attempt to change his tragic past.

He currently resides at Smeargle Estates.


Life in Mossdeep With The Five

SuperSmeargle was born in Mossdeep City. While enjoying being a baby, he became friends with four others. Their names were Ana, Jack, Derek, and Lucy. As they grew older, he slowly became the leader of the group. Jack and Derek constantly fought over Lucy, but Smeargle had other intentions. He slowly fell in love with Ana, the outcast of the group. As the group got older, they moved into a cottage by the shore of Mossdeep City. One day, Jack spotted a cargo ship in the distance, and wanted to greet them to Mosdeep, so he swam out. The rest of the group were tired, and went to sleep. What they did not know was that the ship was owned by Team Magma.As Jack arrived, they kidnapped and killed him. The ship anchored in Mosdeep, and also killed Derek. Lucy was believed to have been kidnapped whilst Ana and Smeargle were taken to a Magma Hideout. There, he was experimented on, in which a darker side of himself emerged.

Life with Team Magma

Upon his dark side emerging, SuperSmeargle was gone, without a say. A shadow of himself was controlling his actions. This Shadow believed Team Magma was it's master and that it should do anything they said to do. Smeargle helped them on many operations, doing whatever they said, no matter the cost. Maxie, Team Magma's leader, took care of it very closely. For the next three years, Team Magma had the assistance of Smeargle, until one day when they made a decision to eliminate him. They told him they were getting rid of him, and he believed it to be a cruel joke. Then, Shadow Smeargle attempted to kill Maxie, saying he betrayed him. Maxie's scientists erased his memories and removed the Dark Smeargle. He decided to drop it off in Olivine City, where no one would know where he came from.

Life Alone

SuperSmeargle did not know where he came from. He did not remember Mossdeep or Team Magma. As he moved forward on his own, he progressed to become a lone drifter with meaning. He would help those who needed it, but that's it. One fateful day, he decided to pick up a Tauros. As he was helping him to Mahogany, the Tauros was abducted by Team Rocket and he deemed himself responsible. That night, he was attacked by a mass of Gastly. He was greatly injured, and taken by a mysterious figure.

Life Recently

He was taken and captured by a trainer named Damien. They were very happy together, and earned two badges, the Mahogany Town Badge and the Goldenrod City Badge. Smeargle was bored one day, and urged Damien to go to Kanto. So, Damien did what his pokemon asked and took him there. Smeargle went to the Viridian City Gym, where Buizels Gave him the de-evolution serum. This replenished all his memories at once, turning him into an almost scary plethora of murder, fear, and happiness. For the next week or so, these would emerge randomly. One day, Smeargle broke. He allowed himself to be possessed by a Spiritomb. He attempted to start the oft-delayed Great Pokemon War, but he was ignored and therefore left forever.


SuperSmeargle has currently sketched the following moves:

  • Teleport (From A Wild Abra)
  • Transform (From A Wild Ditto)
  • Heart Swap (From A Manaphy)
  • Flamethrower(From Garchomp_)


Smeargle owns a number of buisnesses.

  • ThunderStone, Inc - Hoenn's #1 manufacturer of Thunderstones
  • The Mossdeep City Home for Electric Pokemon - A home for electric pokemon without homes


Smeargle suffers from a rare form of Multiple Personality Disorder. These are his following personalities:

  • Super: Buisnessman who lives at Smeargle Estates
  • Sebastian: A young, clueless, and curious Smeargle who lives in Johto with Sentrett
  • Sean: A 3 Month Old Version of Super, who tends to get easily angry and confused. Lives wherever friends are.
  • Shuppet: An evil, demonic force that wishes to kill all in its path. Lives where it can cause Mass Destruction.


  • II
  • He has a somewhat annoying habit of murdering people.]