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Wobb U. Ffet
Chibi Wobbuffet.jpg
Wobbuffet is a tall, cyan-colored blob-like creature with a black tail that has two eye-spots on it.
Species The Patient Pokemon
Age 15
Level 71
Types Psychic-type.png
Gender M
Home Smeargle Estates
Trainer Wild
Carrying Dizzystone.
Nature Unspecified

Omg_Wobbuffet is a loving, but strong Pokemon who loves to travel and party!


Early Childhood

Wobb led a normal childhood as an only child up until he turned LV 21. When he did, his parents were tragically murdered by a Garchomp. Ever since then, Wobb lived on his own in an orphanage. He stayed there until one day moving to a pleasant cave in Sinnoh.


Wobb had been living in that Sinnoh cave for 5 years. Then he made a Twitter account. He found out that many Pokemon have been traveling the world, so he decided to do so himself. He had encounter many Pokemon and has helped many.

Wobb visiting a casino


He eventually grew a family (Wife Wabb, Sons Wobb Jr., and Wubb, and daughter Wibb), but the family broke up within days. It is said that there was an alcohol leek due to Team Rocket in a watering hole where Wabb and Wobb met. The two couldn't remember anything, but they were married and had 3 kids. Wabb later left Wobb, and took Wobb Jr. with her. Wubb and Wibb were adopted. Wobb currently is single, but does not want to currently find a relationship.


Wobb has had many conflicts with Pokemon. His main enemy is the Garchomp, due to the fact that "The Land Shark" had killed his parents as a Wynaut. He had been once captured by one, and tortured. He lost his front right foot, but a Nurse Joy sewed it back up in no time. He also had a tiny transformation into Wobbudeath, although that was not lasting, as everyone ignored his "reign of terror." SuperSmeargle's alternate form, Spiritomb, also tried to kill him as a result of Wobb attempting to start his own army against the millions of ghost Pokemon. Spiritomb was returned to normal, but Wobb had to hang out in an Afghanistan cave to lay low for a while. Later, on 9/8/09, Wobb was killed by SuperSmeargle. Nurse Joy pronounced him dead, but minutes later, he came back as Wobbudeath. Smeargle and his friends retreated to a ghost-proof house. Wobb spoke to Smeargle, saying T-MAC was Wobbudeath's weakness. Wobb's voice was represented in lowercase letters, and Wobbudeath's in CAPS. Wobb was back to normal, but left with this message: "I have to go...see you laterrrrrREVENGE WILL BE MINE!*looks around* Did you hear something?"


Social Life

Wobb was known to be the weaker of all Pokemon. he is constantly getting beat up at school, and was ever since he was a young Wynaut. He "social shun" is only kept up with his peers. Outside of school, he is considered a cool Pokemon, traveling, getting in adventures, and doing other courageous things, as well as dealing drugs.

Halloween costume for 2009


Wobb currently works at Rent-a-mon, where anyone can rent a Pokemon for a limited time. While on duty, a trainer died, and Wobb was legally the heir to his recently won $2,000,000 fortune. Nothing else had been said of his job. He has only been said to have an old job as a drug dealer in tough times, but only for money. he was sent to jail, and that business was over. He used to sell his newly invented drug T-MAC for high prices, considering that it is an illegal drug. In his free time he robbs banks and casinos, giving 9/10 of the money to the poor and needy.

Wobb as a drug dealer.


Wobb has only had one true trainer: TrainerHeart. He chose her only because he needed a home and protection. After he had a family, Wobb sadly moved on. He has been trained by many other people, due to his job at Rent-a-mon.


Wobb evolved on Sptember 11th, 2009. As an experiment, he and ala_KAZ_am created Dizzlywink, the evolution of Wobbuffet. Although successfully transformed, Dizz Lee Wink/omg_dizzlywink wanted to turn back. Wobb now holds the Dizzystone, allowing him to change at anytime.

Dizz Lee Wink

The Final of The Continuous Tweets

On September 19th, 2009, Wobb U. Ffet "retired" Twittering frequently. His last official Wobb tweet was:

"Boy_Behind_WobbI'm done with pretending to be a pokemon. I am Welsey, not 'Wobb U. Ffet.' I may 'RP' ocassionally, but for now, fare thee well, Twitter."


4 Moves

Wobb currently knows

  • Counter
  • Psychic
  • Destiny Bond
  • Teleport

Other Moves

  • Surf

How Moves Were Obtained

Counter and Destiny Bond were learned by normal leveling. Wobb had to take a TM shot in order to learn Psychic. Unfortunately, there were no signs of Wobb learning his favorite move, Teleport. After trying virtually everything, Wobb somehow discovered a way to take a TM, crush it, and take it with crack in order to learn the move. Wobb and his friend Kaz learned to surf at the Sinnoh Beach Resort.

Move Uses Mentioned on Twitter

Wobb has mentioned 4 moves on Twitter: Counter, Destiny Bond, Surf, and Teleport. He only mentions Couter once, saying he and his ex-wife, Wabb U. Ffet, used it when their kids were fighting to inflict double pain on the fighting group, who would attack their parents in anger. Destiny Bond only was mentioned as to be used to kill Osama Bin Laden while hiding in Afghanistan. Teleport was mentioned many times, as Wobb would constantly ask Tweeters how to learn it, and used his friend ala_KAZ_am to teleport to many places. He learned surf and uses to travel between seas.


Twitter Friends

Pichu is my biotch.
AwesomeAmpharos is my buddy.
Buizels is my pal.
AbomasnowDude was my first follower.....
Bellsprout is what i eat, but this one is cool.
AlexThePikachu is fine.
Charizard is my homie.
Croconaw is awesome.
I think Exploud thinks I'm a freak, but i like 'im.
Same with Haunter.
Raischu doesn't even know me.
SuperSmeargle is my best friend!
Trainerheart was my first trainer, so I love her! (Not LOVE love, but friendly love!)
GhostlyGastly is cool.
Firered96 is my human homie.
Banette_ is my ghost homie.
Best_Eevee is just my cuddly friend!
PokeonBreeder rocks my sockses.

Bested Friend Kaz

Wobb constantly is hanging out with Kazimer Majik, ala_KAZ_am. They met because Wobb wanted to teleport, and Kaz could. they are now best friends. Due to a teleportation error, Kaz and Wobb's bodied mixed together, making Wobbukazat. Over time, the bodies split up, but the friends stayed together. Kaz is said to be a near super-genius. The friends robbed a bank together, and saved SuperSmeargle.

Wobb and Kaz pose as Pokemon In Black

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