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"memes and swimmin"
Species Bubble Jet Pokemon
Age 4
Level 66
Types Water-type.png
Gender Male
Home Hoenn
Trainer Dawn
Carrying None
Nature Impish

Oliver is a jokester. A prankster. Moreso because he's been encouraged to be one all of his life, but a surprisingly good battler all the same thanks to the humans he's grown up around.


Oliver is the alpha meme. He is the omega meme. He is the beginning meme. And the end meme.


Oliver has a thick, round build to him and is all in all a very large Vaporeon, standing at over three and a half feet and weighing almost ninety pounds. Despite this he actually does possess a thick layer of muscle beneath most of the fat, much of which can be attributed to his unhealthy diet. Despite his excessive hours spent lying about and doing nothing, every other moment of his life is spent causing antics and swimming about, performing more than enough exercise to even things out, keeping himself far healthier than any other Vaporeon would be that eats literally dozens of chocolate chip cookies a day.

Personality and Demeanor

While always looking for an opportunity to cause trouble, Oliver is actually a very good-hearted young Vaporeon, and is never actually out to hurt anybody, but rather simply in need of things to do as he's so often bored, and so easily distracted.


Acid Armor

Hydro Pump

Ice Beam


Rain Dance

Battle Style

Oliver’s attacks are very direct, almost abrupt as he barely has the ability or even foresight to telegraph anything he does. Almost any command he is given results in him firing off the attack before the command is even finished, so sudden in nature are they. This in and of itself often throws off hostile Pokemon and especially the trainers commanding them, as it’s nearly impossible to see what’s coming next and where.