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Species Umbricuno
Age ??
Level ??
Types Dark-type.png Ice-type.png
Gender Female
Home Pallet Town Patch
Trainer Scorch
Carrying Laptop
Nature Unspecified

Nuel is a pokemon who tends to keep to herself, not telling anyone much of anything and preferring only to speak when spoken to unless she has a comment or offers her tenative opinion. It was difficult to get her to divulge anything to write here, but she eventually told her story.



Created by her trainer, Scorch, in the Team Rocket laboratories located in Viridian Gym. She was made using the DNA of an Umbreon and an Articuno, taking advantage of the latter's strength and the former's genetic flexibility. As such, Nuel (as she was nicknamed) has no parents and figures herself one of her trainer's children.


From the start, even though Scorch is a peaceful trainer and geneticist, she was used by various Rocket grunts to do battles and test the extent of her strength. Since she was no Mewtwo, most got frustrated with her seemingly-lackluster battling skills. She quickly became frustrated with herself and the no-name grunts she was serving under, growing to mistrust everyone but her 'family'. This was when CIPHER came in.
Her heart almost closed to humanity (Aside from a good few pokemon and people), Nuel came dangerously close to becoming a shadow pokemon naturally. CIPHER pushed it all the way. Nuel became a Shadow Pokemon, fighting agressively and caring for little other than the physical act of it. She enjoyed fighting and enjoyed killing. The only respite from the violence was when she was finally allowed back into the hands of her trainer and family, upon which she seemed to regain a little of her sense of self.
Eventually, the warmth of her family helped her slowly break the bonds of having her heart closed off. Her agression tapered off and soon her bloodlust was quelled. She slowly acclimated back into a 'family' lifestyle and began helping Scorch out with his experiments again.


Scorch and Nuel traveled around Kanto and Johto, collecting and researching pokemon and their DNA. She, while not being completely purified, didn't battle as much and instead became an assistant and family member rather than a battler. They both returned to Pallet Town (Specifically, the Patch) and settled down as a family there.


Having found Poketwitter as a site to reach out to other Pokemon, she began staying in Viridian Gym along with RocketMafia, Buizels, Croconaw, and Lord_Empoleon. While she's not fully-purified from being a Shadow Pokemon, she is slowly sneaking out of her shell to become friends with some of the others on that site.


  • Quick Attack
  • Ice Beam
  • Fly
  • Bite

Also includes

Natural attacks such as Scratch and Bite, as well as moves like Powder Snow and Wing Attack.


Considers herself Scorch's "daughter", and Alexis' "sister", despite the fact that they're humans and she obviously isn't. Nuel is also close to Scorch's other pokemon, all of which are hybrids or genetic experiments, and mentions them frequently.