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Lucario (Neu)
Species Lucario
Age 18
Level 26
Types Fighting-type.png Steel-type.png
Gender Male
Nature Unspecified


Neu is a friendly Lucario technically under the ownership of PokemonBreeder. He has always been told that it is due to genetic defects at birth that he was colored orange and blue, with no chest spike. Some people refer to him as shiny, but it is not the case. Currently he is in the company of Buizels, who has helped revive him back to normal after a prolonged state of "zombification".

Recent Tweets

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Neu joined Twitter in June of 2009. In that time, he's been beaten up, an assistant at the Pokemon Center, caught, in two (failed, on his part) relationships, transformed by Moon Stone poffins, released, in love with a gay Furrett, shot, killed, subsequently revived, braindead, and only now is he at some state of normalcy. Fun!

Neu's Death (YoungGastly)

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Species Gastly
Age 1
Level 9
Types Ghost-type.png Poison-type.png
Gender Male
Home Lavender Town |}}
Trainer PokemonBreeder | Wild}}
Carrying | Nothing}}

While the others began to make plans to transport Neu's body to the Pokemon Tower as a resting place, a new pokemon arrived on the Twitter scene. YoungGastly had just popped into existence a while ago and was much too happy, unlike the other ghosts at the Tower, because he had already gotten over his death (though he didn't know anything his past life). He became friends with a Porygon, even becoming close friends.

While he thought himself wild, he is under the control of PokemonBreeder (as his corpse is inside a Memorial Ball owned by her).

He disliked the older ghosts in the tower (he called them the "Elders") who regulated where he could go and what he could do, and became friends with some of the "noobier" PokeTwitterers, as his personality was overly happy.

He discovered his true identity after Neu's corpse's burial. He had scared them off with a Night Shade, confusing PokemonBreeder. The day after, Gastly and SeizureSoldier examined the Memorial Ball Neu's body lay in. Seeing the body made him go quiet, as his memories rushed back...