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Glaceon 295.jpg
"I aim only to please, my dear~"
Species Fresh Snow Pokémon
Age 11
Level n/a
Types Ice-type.png
Gender Female
Home The Lake of Rage
Trainer n/a
Carrying A featherduster
Nature Gentle

"Easy on the eyes, the budget, and the workload. The name is Nanani, sweetheart. How might I best accommodate you today?"

Nanani is a very particular case of Glaceon, bred both for an insanely beautiful appearance, while also having the motor skills above and beyond that of a normal quadruped, in order to serve and attend to humans as almost any human can. She walks primarily on her hind legs, her paws far more dexterous and agile than is normal, and boasts an exceedingly voluptuous and overtly feminine figure, due to the nature of her extreme fertility. On a surface level her demeanor is very soft and kind, often concerned with anyone and anything she comes in contact with, doing all she can to ensure the well-being and happiness of those around her.


Nanani was born via a specialized breeding program that produced genetically-altered Pokemon with specific areas of human function in mind, to take care of and perform tasks for the physically and mentally disabled. Think seeing-eye dogs, but with much more versatility, and a variance of species. One particular program saw in the selective breeding of Pokemon who could perform various day-to-day tasks, such as cleaning for and after the humans they were to be companions for. Of course, at the behest of the individual, additional measures could be taken. This required almost a hundred generations of selective breeding for certain traits, simulated and sped up to produce pinpoint accurate results. Though not quite the final result, Nanani was one of the latter Pokemon within the breeding phase to be born, retaining almost all of the traits desired by the high-paying individual responsible for the program. Of course, not all Pokemon would be kept if their traits didn’t match to a tee, so they were auctioned off to good homes for relatively little.

The bidder for Nanani, who was merely a month-old pup at the time, was a wealthy businessman from Snowpoint. He took her in with an exact foreknowledge of what she could do, raising her on a strict regimen and intense supervision from day one. From an incredibly young age she was to maintain a healthy, but full diet, on top of a daily routine that would keep her in peak, physical standing. Outside of this, she was taught many of the household basics, such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and so forth to start. The manor she lived in was the largest in Snowpoint, roughly 6,000 square feet in size, so it was a lot to maintain for her and the man, whom she’d refer to only as “Master” for the entirety of her life. As she grew older, more complex tasks were added to the mix, such as cooking, gardening and sewing, the last of which she took an exceptional liking to. All of this and more was done with the sole purpose of her taking complete responsibility of the daily chores, freeing up more time for her master to focus on his business, while making herself known well as his lovely housemaid, chiefly once she’d reached adulthood. Though her master did pose as a father figure for her, he was incredibly restrictive, conditioning her only to leave the house for specific reasons and for certain locations, as she knew nothing different, her only desire to heed his every word. Of course, she had many admirers and suitors, wild and domesticated Pokemon alike, which in turn only tightened her master’s hold for the coming years. At roughly the age of five, her master’s work had come to light, though she remained naive, the source of his income being the adult and mature entertainment businesses. This involved both humans and Pokemon, and it wasn’t long before Nanani herself was wrapped up into it, quite easily at that due to her looks. Never once did she question what she was asked, and simply obeyed, knowing only her master’s word and approval. Though, a few years passed, and things eventually returned to normal. Relegated only to her housekeeping duties once again, she cooked, cleaned and attended as best she could until one day, her master never returned.

Trapped inside for days, one of her many admirers happened to come to her rescue, by pure chance, and in the wilds of Snowpoint she finally came to the conclusion that he wouldn’t be coming home. Though she was so severely domesticated, surviving as a wild Pokemon was hardly an option. With her master’s funds, her wit and knowledge of the human world, she managed to survive, working into a home of her own, taking many different jobs and getting to know the citizens of Snowpoint very well. She would contract herself out for cleaning services, patch and create custom-fit clothing by commission, her incredible seamstressing skills allowing her to get by very comfortably. In time, she managed to produce such an expert-level quality in her designs, that she was able to open her own store in town. With just a couple of employees to run the place, she created all the designs herself, attracting hordes of customers due to her unique take and no-limits approach on sewing for humans and Pokemon alike. Of course, it became apparent very quickly due to her popularity that the demand was far too high for her to meet, and after seven months of success she was forced to sell, returning to her day-by-day maid services and other side jobs. Hired by William Matsuki of the Johto region and of Elite Four fame, she lives at his residence near the Lake of Rage, with her two children, Dot and Otto, and is espoused/mated to Terror.


Nanani is known well for her peculiar, and even slightly exaggerated appearance, due to both the selective breeding through which she was born, and the strict training regimen she spent the majority of her life under while in the service of her former master. Standing often almost exclusively on her hind legs, she appears to be just an inch under four feet tall, though no taller at the shoulder than the average female Glaceon when on all fours. Her physical makeup is prominently feminine, comparatively slender from the shoulders down to her waist, though only due to the striking size of her hips, rear and thighs, well-sculpted and full, to say the least. Her hind legs in general are what’s most peculiar, oddly shaped for a canine, lacking the rearward prominence of an elbow joint, which in turn is why they fail to bow in any one direction. On top of this, with a smooth but muscular set of calves, she tends to appear quite natural when upright, though the nature of her tarsals are a giveaway when she recedes to all fours, protruding again as though they reside on a partial swivel joint. Another major difference from the average Glaceon is the volatility of her fur, or rather, the complete lack thereof. In all cases, Glaceon fur appears on edge, and to the touch, sharp as needles, unless the subject touching the Glaceon poses absolutely no threat. Not for Nanani, as her fur is completely unable to change beyond anything but soft and silky, keeping with the “theme” of having hardly a dangerous bone in her body. And lastly her paws, specifically her fores, sport a much more usable and dexterous shape and function. She is able to curl and cup her paws with more freedom, and a separation in her digits allow them to act much more like a finger would, though not to the full extent. Through this she can grasp, manipulate and guide objects with relative fluidity, on top of a decade of practice which makes her even better than most. Her facial makeup is neat and plucked, always well-kempt, sporting the slight curvature to her deep blue eyes. As a matter of fact, every bit of her is heavily attended to, fur neatly self-groomed so as not to distract from whatever outfit she might have on that day. Said clothing usually varies wildly, though her favorite and most recognizable outside of her uniform would be that of a tight, cropped ming sweater, combined with a red, plaid miniskirt.

Personality and Demeanor

As often as she can be, Nanani is very soft-spoken and gentle-natured, prioritizing politeness above all else. She’s very respectful, apologizing and permissive often, either bowing or curtseying as a sign of esteem. Though she does have a tendency to also come off as a bit reserved, almost never one to speak up or out in almost any situation, far more concerned with the input of others over her own. Underneath all this, she sports a concerned and motherly air to her, worried and attentive to just about everyone she meets. As such, she can also be a bit of a nervous wreck, especially in situations beyond her control. She is prone to small anxiety spells, frantic in her decision-making until ultimately shutting down for a moment to recuperate. Though this is an extremely rare sight, moreso due to her insistence on keeping a calm and cool reputation, usually withdrawing for any anxious fits she may have. On top of all this, she tends to carry herself in a similar manner, well-postured, deliberate and delicate in her every action.

Abilities and Skills

As pokemon go, Nanani is sorely lacking in many areas. Very little of her inherent self-defense mechanisms remain, such as innate ability to cool the air around her, or the aforementioned quil-like fur most Glaceon sport. In fact, the only ability she has maintained is a semi-powerful blizzard attack, one that she can only manage when in real and imminent danger. Otherwise she is all but useless in battle. Much of her skills are found in more menial human-like tasks. Cooking, sewing, crocheting, interior design, organization, and the like. All of which she’s turned into hobbies as a result, making the most out of everything she does so well, to the point where she works hard to improve in both quality and efficiency almost every day. She also has a unique knowledge of finances, much of which she picked up through her forced escapades after her previous master left her.

Additional Facts

  • At the shoulder and on all fours, Nanani stands at two feet, eight inches. She weighs in at sixty three pounds, both a hair more than the average Glaceon.
  • Over the years Nanani has had dozens of pups with several different Pokemon, the whereabouts of which she knows nothing, either being deliberately taken by the father or adopted off at her master’s behest.
  • A few of Nanani’s clothing designs still circulate to this day, due to the marketing of her buyer. Many models, pokemon and human, regularly wear bits and pieces of her patterns, though she no longer receives any royalties and is completely uncredited.
  • She was born on September 25th, 2006
  • Up until very recently she had never even been outside the city of Snowpoint save for the first month of her life.