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Alone? search around you'll find my eyes
Species Sableye
Age unspecified
Level 40
Types Dark-type.png Ghost-type.png
Gender Male
Home Reflection Cave
Trainer Wild
Carrying Black Glasses
Nature Impish

Nameless is a Sableye with a constant curiosity of people and their life plans, he has never told anyone his real name because he doesn't like the idea of being judged because of it. The name he uses currently was given to him by a friend who thinks being called "Nameless" is extremely ironic. He spends most of his time alone in his home hidden behind one of the mirrors in reflection cave, with nothing to fill the hours of solitude, he often turns to reading and has a great love of romance novels which he obviously denies whenever anyone asks. Which is often considering he leaves the books scattered around the floor because he can't be bothered to actually order them.

Move set

Power Gem

Shadow Claw


Dark pulse


Nameless looks the same as any normal Sableye, except the three gems on his back which were removed by force by poachers three years ago and are still growing back, he often wears a cape or coat to hide the damage. He is annoyed by the claws on his hands because he find it extremely difficult for him to grip objects without damaging them.


Nameless has the very stereotypical, impish behavior of a Sableye, but he hides this and acts differently depending on the type of the person he's talking to.

Ghost type: He acts and tries to make himself move more elegantly around them, while appearing smart although he doesn't usually understand what the other person or even himself are saying.

Dark and Rock type: he shows his true behavior around these two types as he has grown up with them for most of his life, but if he meets someone of this type acting suspiciously he will follow then without revealing his presence.

Normal, Fighting and psychic: he is extremely smug around them as he knows they cannot damage him with their own type moves. when angry he often picks fights with them.

Fairy: he is very antisocial towards this type because, as he recently discovered, he is weak to them and the idea of being hurt by any kind of Pokémon disgusts him.

Humans: Because of his bad experience with poachers and young trainers, he avoids humans at all cost and won't leave his cave unless he is certain they are gone.

he doesn't meet any of the other types regularly and because he doesn't know how to act he tries to impersonate their individual personality in an attempt to be accepted, this usually fails and he ends up regretting the choices he made, however he will do the same again if he meets someone else.



A kangaskhan that Nameless met when her child approached him with the intentions of playing with him, but when he pushed her away Katharine saw and tackled him to the ground, accusing him of attacking her child. Despite this rough start them remain friends, although he keeps his distance from her child to avoid getting hurt again. He has always been confused by her ability to hurt him, and constantly asks her how she does it. Unaware of her ability.


Lecky is the supplier of the books that clutter up his home, he takes them from the Pokémon mansion and leaves them outside his home. despite his immature behavior he is much smarter than nameless and sometimes attempts to teach him new words or facts, despite the fact he never really listens to him. Nameless nicknamed him jitter, because it was the first time he ever met a Rotom like him and his jumpy behavior always confused him.


This young ghost caught him on one of his three raids of the Pokémon mansion, despite being an un-evolved ghastly, he has the illusion that he is the strongest Pokémon alive and often brags about this to nameless. This child brings up a lot of interesting convocations when he wanders into the Sableye's home, if it weren't for the weird banter Nameless would force him out.Breaker calls Nameless "Mr. Darcy" because he finds it hilarious that the book he seems most attached to is 'pride and prejudice' Nameless simply refers to him as "Pain" for obvious reasons.


Tamara, being somewhat of a Tomboy, usually hangs out with boys and constantly tries to begin a gang with people of the same type although she is constantly asking him to team up with her and annoying him constantly, he likes her edgy yet childish behavior. and over the years he has formed many different nicknames for her, the most used one being "Yacker" because of her constant talking, she was the one who found him unconscious after the poacher incident and cared for him till he had recovered. She regularly called him "Nameless" when they first met.he later adapted this into his actual name. Him and this Scrafty are very close friends.


Petal is the first Fairy type he has ever met, the two of them have a complicated relationship although she shows him limitless kindness and often helps him out when he's in trouble. His stubborn behavior towards her prevents him from getting close. She is a Flabébé with a Timid personality, but when they're on their own in a place where he knows he is at an advantage, the two of them can spend hours just chatting. He often refers to her as "Cheater".


Tamara introduced Him to this Mawile not long after they met, her behavior is very refined and she doesn't often socialize with him. They are more competitors than friends and when Nameless steps out of line he is almost immediately attacked by her "jaws" he is unaware that she is fairy type, she keeps this fact from him so that he thinks that he has the advantage in their fights, he calls her "Kintner".

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