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Species Constraint Pokémon
Age ??
Level 60
Types Psychic-type.png
Gender Female
Home Kalos
Trainer Wild
Nature Serious

Mystica (full name Mystica Melancholy) is a Meowstic from the Kalos Region. She has lived with her "Meowstic Clan", only to leave them to explore the region.


Mystica is described to be a shy and reserved Meowstic. She is incredibly skilled in climbing trees, gathering food and sneaking around in open and closed spaces. She is not really good at expressing her emotions, but according to some Pokémon, she has a lovely (and very cute) smile. It seems that the only two emotions she can easily express are anger and annoyance. An interesting trait about Mystica is that she gets easily offended when people or other Pokémon call Espurrs and her own species as "creepy" and "terrifying".


As an Espurr

Mystica and her family reside in Route 6, which is the route that is nearby Parfum Palace. She is known to have a mother and two brothers. One of them is her older twin brother named Mysterium and a younger brother named Mephisto (which makes her the middle child of the family). At a young age, the three were the most mischievous Espurrs in the entire clan, as they used to caused trouble with Parfum Palace's Furfrou Family. As they grew up and eventually evolved into Meowstics, they were known as mentors to the younger Espurrs and Meowstics.

Hatred for Furfrous

At a young age, Mystica and her cousin, Mire, were gathering berries for the winter season. As they finished, they ran into a hoard of Furfrous. The Furfrous claimed that part of the land was part of their territory, to which the two Meowstics rebutted and said that the area was located far away from the Parfum Palace. Because of this, the Furfrou hoard started to attack them. Thinking fast, Mire shielded Mystica in time before they could attack her. He told her that he will take care of them and that he will meet up with her later.

But he never did.


Mysterium Melancholy

Mystica is very close to Mysterium due to the fact that they were always together since birth. The two have similar personalities which makes it easy for them to work together whether hunting for food or fighting off any intruders that cross their path.

Mire Misfortune

Ever since Mystica was an Espurr, she looked up to her older cousin, Mire. Mire taught her the basics of hunting and helped her use her ears to its full potential (which explains to why her ears are very sensitive). Up until Mire's death, Mystica always referred to him as an older brother.

Mau Clan (Mystica's Family)

  • Elder Mau (grandmauther)
  • Marvel Magia (cousin, male)
  • Mercy Misfortune (cousin, female)
  • Mire Misfortune (cousin, male) †
  • Mysterium Melancholy (twin brother)
  • Mystica Melancholy
  • Mephisto Melancholy (little brother)
  • Misfit Malevolent (adopted cousin, female) ☆
  • Miracle Magia (cousin, female)


  • Mystica's birthday is on January 15.
  • Mystica's moveset is Psychic, Shadow Ball, Signal Beam and Calm Mind.