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Friends? I have plenty of those.
Species Constraint Pokémon
Age 19
Level 60
Types Psychic-type.png
Gender Male
Home Kalos
Trainer Wild
Nature Relaxed

Mysterium (full name Mysterium Melancholy) is a Meowstic from the Kalos Region.


Mysterium is a relaxed Meowstic and unlike his sister, Mystica, he is able to show and express a wide array of emotions. Similar to his sister's cute smile, he is known to have a charming smile. He tends to be overprotective of his family, especially to his younger siblings and cousins.


As an Espurr

Mysterium and his family reside in Route 6, which is the route that is nearby Parfum Palace. He is known to have a mother and two younger siblings. One of them is his younger twin sister named Mystica and a younger brother named Mephisto. At a young age, the three were the most mischievous Espurrs in the entire clan, as they used to caused trouble with Parfum Palace's Furfrou Family. As they grew up and eventually evolved into Meowstics, they were known as mentors to the younger Espurrs and Meowstics.

Hatred for Furfrous

Mysterium's hatred for Furfrous connects to the events of what happened to Mire and Mystica. Because of Mire's death, Mysterium has grown protective of his family and unlike Mystica, he refuses to engage combat with the Furfrous. Although, even though he refuses to fight, he will never turn away from pulling pranks on them.

Mau Clan (Mysterium's Family)

See Mystica's family for a complete list.


  • Mysterium's birthday is on January 15.
  • Mysterium's moveset is Fake Out, Imprison, Psyshock and Calm Mind.