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"The Mystic Seer of the Future"
Age 23
Gender Male
Home Ecruteak Gym, Most Bike Shops
Pokemon captured Gengar, Drifblim, Teddiursa

Morty is the gym leader of Ecruteak Gym, the resident Gym of Ecruteak City. He gives the Fog Badge to the rare trainers who defeat him, and specializes in Ghost type Pokémon.

In the Anime

Ash and co. first met Morty when they mistook the Burned Tower for Ecruteak Gym. The next day, Ash defeated Morty with his Noctowl, by using Foresight to allow Normal moves to hit.


Morty isn't the psychic genius his title and hype suggest. In reality, he's a bumbling man grossly obsessed with ghosts. He claims to have been raised by a pair of Haunter that he later captured, but his word is usually not trusted. In reality, he was born in Goldenrod City to a fairly large family that had the eccentric tendency to sleep in the local bike shop, a trait that was passed on to Morty. At the age of eighteen, he applied to be the city's Gym Leader, but was rejected, a young pink-haired girl chosen instead. Morty then moved to Ecruteak City, where he became that city's gym leader and built an obsession over Ghost type Pokémon, as well as legendary ones, along with a colleague, Eusine. Morty also makes semifrequent trips to Lavender Town, if only because of its association with ghosts.


On Hand

  • Gengar: Morty's 'father', according to his lie of a life's story. Also his main battler.
  • Drifblim: Morty's means of transportation. It has a fondness for Beedrill, who have a fondness for popping it.
  • Teddiursa: Morty's first not-ghost. It likes that Morty's hair resembles honey in some unfathomable way.