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Age 15
Gender Female
Home Alola
Pokemon captured (check in Table of Contents)

Moon (Japanese: ムーン Moon) was the former Champion of the Alola Region. She gave up her position as Champion to pursue other careers. Although there is no challenger who has defeated her yet, she would still come over to the League and battle. A running joke is that she tries to lose on purpose, but always ends up winning by pure luck.


During the events of USUM

Moon is a sweet and timid girl that used to be a pushover most of the time. She tends to apologize for almost every single thing she does, even if the blame is not directed towards her. Due to her nervousness and anxiety, she used to stutter her words when communicating with others.


As of lately, Moon rarely ever stutters. The only times where she does is when she gets surprised. The reason being is that she gained a lot of confidence months after the events of Necrozma and the Ultra Beasts. Because of this, she slowly developed an aggressive, yet daring side. To add onto her newfound confidence, that alone would sometimes come off as arrogance to others.

She tends to call herself "your friendly neighbourhood controversial child" due to her having a strange sense of humour and constantly playing a sweet girl act to cover it up.


  • Moonie
  • Pipsqueak (only used by Gladion)



Moon was born in Celadon City in the Kanto Region and has lived there with her mom until they moved to Alola. Her birth was completely accidental and due to this, Moon was often referred to as a “mistake child” by other adults. The only time where she has met her dad was on her first day of kindergarten.

When growing up, Moon did not make a lot of friends and was bullied everyday. The reasons were her voice was so high pitched that she sounded like a Pichu and that the other children's parents have told them that she was an illegitimate child. When she no longer had the restraint to endure the torment the bullies have given her, out of pure anger, she punched one of the bullies in the face.


Ever since Moon was an infant, she was raised by only her mom. Lacking a father figure and siblings, her relationship with her mom has always been close.

As Moon reached her teenage years, she would finally meet her older half-brother and half-sister, Shuuichi and Kazuko. Ever since the two were children, their dad always shared stories about Moon. However, the stories he shared were kept in secret from their mom, as their mom was the one who would be the one to spread false rumours about her, claiming Moon as a "mistake child". As the two got older, they managed to sneak onto the boat to Alola, wanting to meet Moon in person. It was later revealed that their dad intended to marry Moon's mom and wanted to see them and Moon grow up together, only for their mom to find out. She would then threaten him that she will cause harm to Moon if he were to leave.


On hand

  • Alolan Raichu, nicknamed Pichi
  • Decidueye, nicknamed Junachi
  • Toxapex, nicknamed Dohichi
  • Turtonator, nicknamed Hatsuchi
  • Alolan Ninetales, nicknamed Kyuchi
  • Silvally (Shiny), nicknamed Nullie

At home

  • Bewear, nicknamed Gumachi
  • Lycanroc (Midnight Form), nicknamed Garuruchi

At Poké Pelago

  • Mimikyu, nicknamed Michi
  • Every single Ultra Beast

Given away

  • Around 25-30 Rowlet (given to an orphanage in the Kalos Region)
  • Rockruff (given to Gladion)


  • Moon's handle is based off the game title, Pokémon Ultra Moon. Her timeline is also based off of USUM's storyline rather than SM's.
  • Moon's real name is Nico. Her name has a double meaning where it can either mean "second child" or "smile".
  • Moon's birthday is on January 17.
  • Moon's two favourite Pokémon are Pichu and Rowlet.
  • Moon's favourite Ultra Beast is Guzzlord.
  • All of Moon's Pokémon are female and their nicknaming pattern is half of their Japanese name followed by "chi" at the end. Exceptions to this are Silvally, the countless Rowlet she hatched and the Ultra Beasts she caught in Ultra Space.
  • Moon is always compared to a Bewear due to her sheer amount of physical strength.

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