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Species Intertwining Pokémon
Level 30
Types Fairy-type.png
Gender Female
Home Sinnoh
Trainer Wild
Nature Quirky

Miyabi is a Sylveon that resides in a flowery paradise in the Sinnoh Region. She is known to be the daughter of an Espeon named Reika.


Similar to her mother, Miyabi is also known to have a "motherly" side to her. However, that sort of kindness and hospitality only stems from the fact that she strives to become just like her mother. Miyabi is actually a bashful Sylveon who tends to come off as arrogant and somewhat aloof towards others (or in other words, she is a "tsundere").



Reika was Miyabi's mother who has died of old age and has entrusted the entire garden to Miyabi. Prior to her death, she took care of Miyabi and always remained protective of her, even as she grew old and frail. Other that that, the rest of their relationship and interactions with each other are unknown, but one thing is for certain and that is Miyabi grew to become jealous of her mother, often calling her "perfect".


  • Miyabi's birthday is on July 1.
  • Miyabi's moveset is Covet, Bite, Swift and Draining Kiss.
  • Miyabi has an interest in Dragon types and has always wanted to befriend a lot of them.