Miss Haunter

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Species Haunter
Age 6
Level 15
Types Ghost-type.png Poison-type.png
Gender Female
Home Pokemon Tower
Trainer Wild
Carrying iPoke
Nature Unspecified

Gassy is a Gas type Pokemon residing by herself in the haunted Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town. She has a mysterious past, has been searching extensively for her father, and has no knowledge of her mother. She once had an army of Dittos, and is a member of The Ghost Social Club.


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Gassy has little knowledge of her parents, only that her father was of the Gastly evolution chain, and that he was caught by a Pokemon Trainer when she was at a young age. She has been searching for her father all her life. It was recently revealed that, although they share similar traits, Gengar is not her father. Haunter has also denied being her father. She has no knowledge of her mother.

Ditto Army

Gassy once had an army of 99 Dittos, of which were held in the Pokemon Tower. The Dittos, however, often escaped, causing much disruption around the tower. She used them in an attempt to convert a Shuppet, which notoriously failed. Since then the Dittos have been 'disposed of'.

Recent Events

Recently, due to the disposal of her Ditto army, Gassy was forced to leave her home in the Pokemon Tower. She retreated into a nearby Cave, where she was very frightened. She soon returned to the tower, only to find that all the Pokemon that resided there had disappeared, leaving only a mess in the tower. She has been living in the tower alone since.



  • Hypnosis
  • Nightmare
  • Shadow Ball
  • Curse


  • Her (now 'disposed of') Ditto army
  • Other ghost type Pokemon


  • Her (now 'disposed of') Ditto army
  • Bright light
  • Pokemon trainers