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Meurin the lilligant.jpeg
Let's dance together with the petals~!
Species Lilligant
Age 13
Level 35
Types Grass-type.png
Gender Female
Home Pinwheel Forest
Trainer Wild
Carrying Nothing
Nature Jolly


Meurin looks no different than the average Lilligant, but she occasionally wears leaf gowns and covers her body with a leaf blanket when she's feeling cold, usually at night. She also carries around a pouch where she keeps berries to share with her friends or eat it herself. However, she shares more than keeping it to herself, because she hates putting her needs before her friends'.


Meurin is normally kind and caring. She is also really generous and loves sharing berries with anyone, even if she only met them for a few minutes. She loves making new friends and she is childish, as some of her friends would say. Meurin mostly refuses to be enemies or rivals with anyone, even if they treated her really badly or attacked her. She considers even strangers as friends. In general, she is really friendly. Sometimes too friendly.


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• Meurin's account was created on the 28th of December, 2014.