Lyra's Marill

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Lyra's Marill
Eye'm the bestest Marill!
Species Aqua Mouse
Age 15
Level 30
Types Water-type.png
Gender Female
Home Johto
Trainer Lyra
Carrying Soothe Bell
Nature Bold


Speaking from Marill's "bestest choice of words", she is the bestest and cutest Marill in the world and no other Marill can compare to her. She is a carefree, sassy and cheeky Marill, often water gunning people and Pokemon for no reason at all.


In the wild

Marill was small and frail, often bullied and teased by the other Marills. She was outcasted and left behind on purpose. When she started growing up, she made a promise to herself that she would be the strongest Marill and that everyone will appreciate her. Ever since she made that promise, she left the other Marills and kept training as hard as she can.

Somewhat Not Really Captured

While Marill was training, she found herself in New Bark Town. As she ventured around the town, she took notice of a little girl moving in. The girl's name is Lyra and Marill often described her as "the female plumber from that mushroom game". Marill would often play with the younger Lyra and the two would constantly annoy and tease her childhood friend, Ethan. A few weeks after their first meeting, Lyra "somewhat not really" captured Marill. The two together will be the strongest team that has ever conquered the Johto Region (and maybe the rest of the world, but let's not focus on that).

Life at Lyra's House

Marill (now nicknamed as Merry) has settled in quickly into her new home and has made friends with the neighbourhood Pokémon. She often gets into huge trouble with Lyra's mom because of her dense and stupid nature. Here are some events that have recently happened the past two years:

  • Flooding the entire house and inviting Water-type Pokémon inside, having a "Souper Water Fun Party Time Banana".
  • Learning cuss words from Lyra's mom after the Souper Water Fun Party Time Banana abruptly ended.
  • Walking into her bedroom after Lyra's mom had "strange men" with her inside. She noticed balloons with "weird white sticky stuff" inside of them and according to her, it tasted gross.
  • Going into the basement where she found Lyra's mom's "Secret Crystal Candy Garden".



Marill's trainer as well as her "homegurl". The two have developed a really close bond and Marill describes her as one of her "bestest friends in the entire world". The two are always seen doing silly things such as pranking Ethan, roleplaying weird characters from various shows and going on crazy shopping sprees.

Lyra's Mom

Long story short, Marill and Lyra's mom are not on the best of terms... well, for Lyra's mom's perspective, she just wants to send that Marill faraway forever. As for Marill... the nicest way to put it is that she is a lost cause.


  • Marill has been given the nickname "Merry" because of her merry nature. (Because of this, Marill decides to fully name herself "Merry-Lin Monbro", which is derived from Marilyn Monroe.)
  • Marill's birthday is March 14 and her Zodiac Sign is Pisces (or "Magikarp").
  • Marill's moveset is Water Gun, Dig, Rollout and Double Edge. Her ability is Huge Power.
  • Despite Marill misspelling certain words and saying things incorrectly, she is intelligent and admits that she likes making people angry by acting like a total ditz.
  • Marill's catchphrase: "cuz eyem me! Merry!" is a reference to "It was me, Dio!"