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I am a rather calm laid back Lugia who lives out at whirl island.
Species Lugia
Age 17
Level 70
Types Flying-type.png Psychic-type.png
Gender M
Home Whirl Island
Trainer Wild
Carrying Silverwing
Nature Unspecified


Lugia is a rather laid back pokemon, who enjoys the fun and thrill of fishing, whoever he also loves to gather berries together and have a feast of berries (Mint & Chesto Berries being his favorite). He lives out in Whirl Island and usually comments on the on going happens of said place.


These are the moves that Lugia Currently knows;

Fly - Standard move that he taught himself, uses it to help Pokemon to move from and to Whirl Island.

Aerial Ace - A quick and deadly attack that Lugia loves to use.

Sky Attack - Powerful move that he uses every so often when he wants to end a battle quickly.

Aeroblast - A move that Lugia will only use if the time requires it, such as; Defending other Pokemon from a gang of thugs.