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Lory Jenkins
my entire twitter is just butts, candy and cats tbh
Age 22
Gender Agender (they/them pronouns)
Home Hearthome City
Pokemon captured Reaper, Bandit (Houndoom), Don (Honchkrow), Pepe (Skuntank), Beryl (Sableye), Jet (Floatzel), Sparky (Raichu), Nibbles (Nidoking), Coriander (Leafeon), Fangs (Raticate), Maxwell (Mightyena), Socks and Mittens (both Sneasel), Li'l Cheepy (Natu), Greyclaw (Absol), Mr. Fluffles (Purrloin)

Lory (aka DarkTrainerLory) is a Trainer who is not native to the Pokemon world.


  • Full name: Mallory Ashley Jenkins
  • Age: 22
  • Birthplace: Aekea, a city in another world known as Gaia
  • Hometown: Hearthome City
  • Location: Lory wanders around a lot. Their favourite city is Snowpoint. They are also quite fond of Mahogany Town and the nearby Lake of Rage.
  • Height: 4'10"
  • Weight: About 105 pounds
  • Species: They were born a hybrid between human and 'Gimpi' (a cross between two Gaian species called angel and devil imps). Upon becoming permanently trapped in the Pokemon world, they were turned fully human.
  • Occupation: Formerly Team Rocket grunt/mascot, now just a regular Pokemon trainer
  • Badges: 6 (formerly), 8 (currently)
  • Type specialty: Dark


Lory is a bookish and somewhat nerdy young adult. When they come across something they don't understand, they feel compelled to find out as much as they can about it, and are addicted to learning. Lory has a lot of health problems, they were born with weakened legs but their Pokemon journey has helped to strengthen them. They also have von Willebrand disease, a condition similar to haemophilia which makes them bleed more than most people, and have suffered from tuberculosis in the past, leaving them with permanently weakened lungs. They suffer from social anxiety and thus prefer living in the wild with their Pokemon, though lately they are trying hard to get used to city life and being around other people. They are generally very awkward around people because they find it impossible to fit in. They try to be nice to everyone because they are terrified of being alone and hated, and are very easily upset. They suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, among other things, and are currently undergoing therapy. They are very protective of their Pokemon and becomes enraged if anyone is cruel to them. Despite appearing naive and innocent, this is all a mask - they are actually pretty intelligent and fully aware of the things Team Rocket did to people in the Resistance. They hated it, but were so terrified of being punished and ostracized from the only family structure they had that they acted like a ditz so that nobody would realize the way they really felt. They also hate themself for what they allowed Team Rocket to do to Reaper. Despite their feelings about Team Rocket's behaviour, they were completely loyal to them because they were so desperate to have some kind of support in their life and because they were (and still are) strongly against the League's Big Brother tactics. After deciding Team Rocket's actions had gone too far and finding it increasingly difficult to put their own morals aside to fit in, they left and are no longer affilated with them, though they are still good friends with many members.


Lory was born and raised in another world called Gaia. Most of their childhood was spent in and out of hospital, and they got bullied a lot at school as a result, leading to them becoming very shy. They became a rather odd loner type as they got older, wandering around the countryside alone and watching the wildlife. As well as their fascination with biology and nature, they also had a strong interest in alternate universes. At the age of sixteen, they found out about a strange warehouse called Gyakuten Souko which allegedly contained a warp in the time-space continuum, allowing people to travel to and from other universes. They quickly settled in at the warehouse, and for the first time in their life they began to make friends. Their first really good friend was a Thorton who fell through the warp by accident. The two developed mutual awkward crushes on each other, and Thorton gave Lory a baby Sneasel he found as a gift and starter Pokemon so that they could become a trainer like many of the other warehouse visitors had. Lory's second good friend was a girl named Iris, who had also come from the Pokemon world. Iris often liked to hang around with Lory and Thorton, and gave Lory a Houndour puppy named Bandit. Lory became traumatized after the appearance of an angry Giratina at the warehouse, and began to spend most of their time in the Pokemon world training so they could help to defend the warehouse. However, one day they travelled through the warp and were unable to return, no matter how much they tried. The shock and trauma of being forcibly removed from the world they called home and separated from their family and the only friends they'd ever had was enough to break Lory completely, and they took to living in the wild with their Pokemon, terrified of other people to the point that they were physically unable to speak to them. Upon first seeing Thorton on Twitter they were thrilled, but their hopes were quickly dashed when they realized it was an alternate universe Thorton and not the one they knew at all, although they later became interested in him as a separate person from the one they knew. Eventually, Lory was befriended by Silver, who invited them to join Team Rocket. Lory agreed to do so, desperate for some kind of support. They ran away after Rocket's control of the League was overthrown, and lived in the wild for the best part of two years before finally returning in 2012. They stayed for a few months, but were unable to reconcile their own kind nature with the cruelty of Rocket and quit due to mental illness, which they are still having therapy for. They have since been adopted by their alternate's family, and have become especially close to the alternate universe version of Felix. They firmly believe their own timeline has been wiped from existence, and the strain of it all has driven them a bit crazy. They've given up on ever returning home and now just want to fit in with the rest of the Pokemon world. They see several people they're close to (especially other ex-Rockets and people related to Rocket) as family, with the most notable being the sibling relationship they have with Grey, who is the only person outside of their blood relatives (and Felix) who knows they aren't Pokeworld-native. They plan to tell other people eventually.


Thanks to a love of biology and a childhood in the Wing Scouts, Lory has a lot of knowledge on how to survive in the wild. The Pokeworld's flora is mostly identical to Gaia's with a few notable exceptions (Berries and Apricorns), so their survival knowledge still applies in the Pokeworld. Lory is generally a lot smarter than they'd like people to realize, especially when it comes to math and science, although their common sense is very lacking. They love to learn and can be something of a human encyclopedia.



Reaper, or @ReapWhatWeSow as he is known on Twitter, is Lory's first Pokemon. They are very fond of him and shower him with love and attention, even spoiling him a little. He insults them often but they have a close bond regardless. Reaper is very protective of Lory.


Bandit the Houndoom (aka @banditlovesyou) is Lory's second Pokemon. He is very placid and friendly, and enjoys cheering people up with 'dog cuddles' and kind words. He considers Reaper the alpha male of the pack and will do whatever Reaper tells him until Lory commands him to do otherwise. Although Bandit appears to be rather slow and have an intellect similar to that of an ordinary domestic dog, he is actually highly intelligent and only acts dumb because people find it endearing. He is Lory's psychiatric service dog, and is very good at it. His favourite game is fetch. He loves to cheer others up and is so docile that small Pokemon use him as a pillow and he doesn't mind at all. Possibly a distant relative of Hope Corgi?


Don the Honchkrow was caught at around the same time as Pepe, shortly after Lory's second Gym battle. He is very snarky and loves to mock people. He mostly keeps to himself except when making fun of his teammates.


Pepe the Skuntank was caught around the same time as Don. He spends most of his time sleeping, but is surprisingly fast when angered. He serves double duty as both Lory's pillow and their bedtime protector. Don't disturb them while they're sleeping or you'll get sprayed!


Beryl is a Sableye who was caught mostly for the purpose of breeding a Sableye for Lory's friend, but has since become a skilled team member in her own right. She is a quiet sort and very shy, much like her trainer. She mostly fights by using status moves. Beryl is the team mom and often 'adopts' young teammates. She's very fond of Kiddo, the Sableye who lives with Cyrus.


Jet the Floatzel is a bigmouth and considers Reaper his arch enemy and rival for the title of Token Weasel Mascot. Reaper mostly ignores him. Since Reaper's evolution, Jet hasn't most much of a threat for the alpha position, and can instead usually be found with Sparky.


Sparky the Raichu is pure evil and plots to take over the world one day. He acts like his obedience towards Lory is merely part of his plan, but all his teammates know he secretly enjoys being petted and fed Poffins. His favourite hobby is practising his Electric-type attacks on Don when the latter doesn't expect it.


Nibbles is a Nidoking, caught by Lory's friend as a Christmas present for them. He is Reaper's best friend and spends most of his free time playing with Reaper. He is very friendly, but somewhat naive. He suffered a severe back injury shortly after evolving into a Nidorino, and so lacks most of his back spikes, though he is now otherwise in perfect health. Nibbles loves to be petted and is good with kids.


Coriander is a Leafeon. He evolved from an Eevee that Lory caught after sneaking into Mr Backlot's trophy garden. Coriander is very mischievous and loves to play pranks and tease his teammates. He has the important role of cleaning the air around Lory when they're having difficulty breathing.


As a young Rattata, Fangs was accidentally injured by Bandit, who was trying to play with him. Bandit brought him to the hospital where Lory was staying, and they nursed him back to health. Fangs chose to stay with Lory rather than return to the wild. He is very brave and has no fear of predators, especially since evolving into a Raticate. He gets along best with Bandit, Socks and Mittens, and especially Greyclaw who is his best friend.


Lory adopted Maxwell as a very young Poochyena a couple of weeks before Christmas 2010. He was a gift from @Wonder_Guard and @SilverTrainer. He has since evolved into Mightyena. He is very excitable and often forgets how big he is, bowling people over with his sheer exuberance.

Socks and Mittens

Reaper's identical twin daughters, born on June 21 2012. The pair of Sneasel hatched from the same egg and were so underdeveloped that they were lucky to survive at all. They have since caught up in development. Socks is lively and vocal and shows off a lot, while Mittens spends most of her time asleep in various odd places.

Li'l Cheepy

Li'l Cheepy is a Natu given to Lory by @SilverTrainer so they could Teleport away from danger. They don't have any intention of evolving him, but sometimes use him in battle. He rarely talks to the other Pokemon and is usually lost in thought.


Greyclaw is an Absol born on December 24th 2012 and named after @SilverTrainer. For the first month of her life she was very anxious and easily upset, but she has since learned how to control her disaster-sensing powers and is much more cheerful. She is fond of Reaper, much to his annoyance, and has a close friendship with Fangs, who she has a crush on.

Mr. Fluffles

Lory adopted this Purrloin after he was abandoned on @FoolsSaidI's doorstep, in order to protect @SilverTrainer. They hate cats and used to loudly proclaim how evil Mr. Fluffles is, but they were actually tsundere towards him and couldn't bring themself to be cruel to him. Nowadays they get along much better with him. Mr Fluffles suffers from mild cerebellar hypoplasia and is not used in gym battles, but is capable of taking part in less serious battles, especially against inexperienced opponents. He thinks he is a dog and that Lory is his mother.


  • When scared, Lory's usual response is to bite. Don't startle them!
  • Despite seeming sweet and innocent, Lory has an odd fascination with death, violence and other creepy things. They often dream about being tortured or killed slowly, and they enjoy it. They also once tried to pull a ventilator tube out of their neck.
  • Lory hates hospitals.
  • Lory's favourite food is curry, preferably as hot and spicy as possible. They also love ice cream and ice lollies.
  • It's hinted that Lory may have synesthesia. It doesn't cause them any problems, however.
  • Lory wants to become a gym leader, Pokemon ranger or both at once. They are also interested in research, but claim they're not intelligent enough.
  • Lory has a Tumblr account, which can be found here. Sending questions to their Tumblr ask box will earn you some silly cartoon drawings.
  • Lory suffers from ailurophobia. While they're okay with big cats, they both hate and fear smaller cats such as Meowth and Purrloin. They are okay with Mr Fluffles because he thinks he's a dog.