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It has a mischievous spirit. If it spots an angler, it will tug on the fishing line to interfere.
Species Lombre
Age 19
Level 35
Types Water-type.png Grass-type.png
Gender Male
Home Anywhere
Trainer Wild
Carrying Nothing
Nature Unspecified

Lombre is a mischievous Pokemon, like many Lombre. He has started to grow weary of his solitary life, and wants to find some company. Lombre is also on a quest to find fun. He hopes that he will achieve both of these goals quite soon. Although not at all heartless, Lombre tends not to care much about others.

Lombre enjoys messing with others, Pokemon or human. He interjects sarcastic quips wherever he can and likes to give his two cents constantly. He is also a rather proud character. However, he is beginning to find that something else he would strongly like to acquire is a love. In his opinion, this is not likely, mainly because of a lack of many female Pokemon on Twitter. While around, or even tweeting to, some females, he gets a bit nervous but tries to hide it. His laugh changes subtly and he tends to be nicer.


Lombre spent most of his days lurking beneath the waters of fishing hotspots in Johto. He soon grew bored of this usual routine, however. He pickpocketed a cellphone from one of the anglers, and found Twitter. Soon enough, Lombre noticed that the Pokemon living in Kanto seemed to have an interesting time. He decided to travel.

Pokemon Tower

After departing the Magnet Train in Saffron, Lombre lost his way trying to find Viridian City. He soon lost his map, and resorted to wandering until a particular location caught his eye. Stumbling upon Lavender Town, he decided to explore the Pokemon Tower. He encountered Marowak's ghost, defeating it easily. Morty decided to try and defeat Lombre, instead of the Marowak. Lombre dominated the gym leader's Pokemon, until he sent out a rather hardy Drifloon. Mid-spar, Morty fainted and Lombre scurried off to the top floor where Morty was getting involved with some Rockets. Soon, there was an explosion. Lombre managed to survive, and rode on Morty's shoulders out of the tower.

The Pidgeot Incident

Shortly after the incident, Lombre's phone died. Once he got it in working order, he was still searching for Viridian. He somehow found his way back to Johto. On the way to Ecruteak, he spotted a starting trainer using a Bug-type Pokemon to attack Pidgeotto. The Pidgeotto was losing, due to its paralysis by the bug. Lombre was amused, and decided to raise the excitement by messing around with the trainer and defeating the bug. After he did this, the Pidgeotto decided to grant Lombre a favour in return.

Lombre asked to be flown anywhere but Johto. After stopping to rest, the two took off once again. Suddenly, though, Pidgeotto was attacked by a raging Fearow. He evolved after taking out one of the Spearow in the small flock. Despite his best efforts to fend off the Fearow, Pidgeot fainted. They had been flying at quite a high altitude, meaning that the fall that Lombre was about to take would be almost certainly fatal. Just in time, Lombre discovered a way to use Pidgeot as a parachute, slowing his descent into the ocean. However, Lombre lost his grip and hit his head on a rock that jutted out of the water. He was discovered washed up on shore in Vermilion City and taken to the Pokemon Centre for a blood transfusion.


Soon enough, and with the help of Pidgeot who had been rescued by a Floatzel, Lombre reached Viridian City. Without bothering to ask for permission, he took shelter in the Gym. He soon grew bored, due to the fact that most of its residents were away. Soon, he started having thoughts. Lombre realised that he had failed his three purposes. Over the last few days, several things had gradually eaten away at his self-esteem. The idea then came to him to go out magnificently and with honour. He flew out to Sinnoh so that he would have seen every region before his death, and landed upon Mt. Coronet. He then spent a couple of hours devising how he would kill himself. His final, desperate plan was to knock down a large boulder and hope that it fell on him. And it did.


Lombre later woke up in a Pokemon Centre. At first he thought he had died, but then realised that his suicide attempt had gone wrong. A hiker had used his Machoke to push the boulder out of their way, and it landed on Lombre. However, it did not fall with much force, so most of Lombre's injuries were caused by the pressure. He fell unconscious at the impact, but was immediately noticed by the hiker, who took him to a Pokemon Centre.

Lombre was devastated. He had lost his purpose. He had failed his quests in life, and had now failed to end that life. He has lost confidence in himself and no longer finds amusement in everything. He has even lost his laugh. Instead of poking fun in sarcastic, light-hearted ways, he is now prone to making stinging remarks. Lombre now feels that he has nothing to live for, but is cursed to live anyway.


  • Surf
  • Energy Ball
  • Bubblebeam
  • Zen Headbutt

Other Moves

  • Rain Dance
  • Dive
  • Uproar
  • Astonish
  • Rock Climb
  • Ice Punch
  • Mimic
  • Synthesis