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Lilly Basileus
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In my home you are not welcome, in our tower you are doomed.
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Age 18
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Gender Female
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Trainer Wild
Carrying Nothing
Nature Unspecified

Lilly is a antisocial girl with a fondness and dedication to ghost pokemon. She was chosen as a channeller because of her weak mental state meaning she is easy to manipulate and control. She works on floor two of the pokemon tower but if often relocated to the top because of her unkind behaviour. Her mother does not let her move out of their house.


Lilly is 5'3 with Bright green eyes and tanned skin, She dyed her hair from blonde to Purple when she was little and often covers it with a veil and Gray contacts while in the tower as the bright colours are deemed "inappropriate for mourning". She wears a large necklace with many charms tied untidily to it, her mother gave her these to bring her good fortune and despite the fact she knows they don't work she still wears them on a daily basis.The paint on her face is made from the juice of Kasib Berrys and Powdered paint, it is said to numb the pain of certain ghost moves that hit her when trying to calm angered spirits.


She acts kindly to locals and regular visitors of the tower, referring to most as "kind brother" or "Dear sister". She is hostile and unkind towards travellers, constantly reminding them that they don't belong and scaring them with stories about the town while keeping up her usual calm and civilised tone of voice. She shows great respect towards elders and Ghosts, and often do as they instruct her. She can usually be calmed down by having a cup of camomile tea.


Despite her act Lilly is scared of most things, her two main fears being spiders and the dark. She is constantly on alert to people who might be sneaking up on her and even when scared she rarely shown it through emotion.

--LavendersBody 21:22, 13 November 2013