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Janine Kyo
"I break tables."
Age 16
Gender Female
Home Fuchsia City
Pokemon captured Gym Team: Crobat, Weezing (Tweedle Stink), Weezing (Tweedle Stench), Ariados and Venomoth (Aya). Others: Nidoqueen (Larix) and Ariados (Mamados)


Janine is the gym leader of Fuchsia City and a ninja, both statuses she is very proud of. She is hotheaded and can be arrogant, but at the same time skillful and tries to be respectful (to certain people until she's made mad -- and oh, does she have a temper). She is an absolute master of poison and takes great pride in the fact, keeping a perfectly organized box of her various poisons with her at all times, ready to use.



Janine's nicknameless Crobat is a sadistic fucker, to say the least. He takes an unusual amount of glee in watching people get injured and has a tendency to assist in this. He goes absolutely psycho if his ears are touched and has ripped off whole hands and almost arms before.


Janine has two Weezing -- Tweedle Stink and Stench, often referred to as just "The Tweedles," and individually, "Stink" and "Stench." They are both derps, and simply float around like lazy little logs. They have a horrible habit of getting duct-taped together with no reasonable explanation for it and exploding for no other reason than to bother Janine.


Janine's Ariados is the battle team's local voice of reason. He's calm and quiet, although quite mischevious. He likes making webs in doorways and dropping down from ceilings. However, should a situation arise, he is the first to attempt to remedy it.


Janine's Venomoth was a gift from her aunt Aya, and named after her. Aya, being the only female on the team (aside from Larix, who hardly counts, being more a team mom than anything), has a desperate need to fit in and be one of the boys -- her greatest fear is being seen as "too girly" by the rest of the team (who really don't care). She's fairly hopeless without her trainer.

Pokémon Who Don't Battle


Janine's Nidoqueen was a gift from a trainer named Larch. She's taken up the role of Janine's mother, for whatever reason, and loves to bake. She can cook anything -- it's quite the talent. She's currently with Thorton in the hospital, baking him piles of cookies.


Janine's second Ariados is her first's girlfriend. She found her after the Pokémon laid three eggs on her couch. (One of these is now with Phoebe and is a cute, derpy Spinarak.) She's a stubborn, cranky bitch who's constantly PMS-ing, but Janine loves her anyway. Kind of. She's called "Mamados", alternately spelled "Mama-dos".


"Skoops", her old Drapion's little sister, is kind of like Janine's little-sister-in-Pokémon-form. She can be pretty protective of the Skorupi but does it with good intentions.