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Cilan serving tea alongside Pansage.
Age 14
Gender Male ♂
Home Sanyou City, Unova
Pokemon captured @ishizumai, @YanappuSanyou, Potato salad.

Cilan Denton Tryce (born in Sanyou City, Unova) is a young Sommelier in training and is one of the three Gym leaders at the Sanyou Gym. He left his gym in hopes of becoming the world's greatest Sommelier and is now currently traveling with Ash Ketchum and Iris through the Unova league.


Cilan is a slightly assumptuous but very open-minded character. He is a trained Sommelier, and has left his inherited post as the Grass type Gym leader of Sanyou to further accelerate his abilities in communicating with Pokémon. He is currently traveling with Ashton Casey Ketchum: a soon-to-be (or wannabe) Regional Champion and Iris: a mysterious tree-climbing girl with no goal of her own, just simply to enjoy her time with the two. He is well known for being good-looking, responsible and a bit too forgiving for others actions. Cilan is an overall cheerful character with minor flaws.. He can cook, he is loving, caring and all around like-a-ble.. Not all the same can be said for his fraternal twins, Pod and Corn, whom hold the other two positions as the Sanyou Gym leaders.

Cilan usually spends his time at the gym either cooking (Due to his insecurities with leaving Corn to burn down the gym.. AGAIN, and Pod's constant breaking of dishes), or preventing arguments from his so-called loving siblings. He cares for them very deeply and is always worried about them. Cilan is a masterful cook and a gentleman.. Though he falters constantly around Iris and Ash's irresponsibility and childishness. Although he is always forgiving to Ash, he seems to be a little more disappointed in the so called cool-headed Iris' behavior.

He appears to have a powerful fondness of cooking and enjoys doing it in front of a crowd. He is shown to be a bit simple-minded at times and will easily believe other people's words. Despite this, he is very intelligent and decisive both in and out of battle. Though he tends to show this off when in. Cilan often makes a long-winded "M" sound in a womanly tone when satisfied, though usually not with food, despite the sound being often used for such. He also has the catch-phrase "It's tasting time!" which he uses a battle-cry, he has been shown to use variations of the phrase such as "Great Taste!" and "Tastes good!"


After their single mother's death, Cilan Pod & Corn inherited the Gym Leader title and chose the three of the monkey group as their main Pokémon. Cilan took in the grass type of the line, Yanappu, due to his favor toward the color while Pod & Corn took Boappu and Hyappu. After years of training together, Cilan had developed a close bond with his Yanappu and used it solely when in battle. He used it during his final gym battle at the Sanyou gym, against a ten year old named Ash Ketchum. After spending several hours with Ash and his new companion Iris, Cilan had decided to leave with him and attempt to fulfil his dream of becoming the world's greatest Sommelier. Cilan currently travels with the two on their journeys through the Unova Region, while still randomly fighting against a strange force that originated in Kanto, Team Rocket!


Cilan joined Twitter not long after Iris, and appears to have gotten the idea from her as well. He met back up with Ash nearly a month after signing-up and was joyous to speak to both of his best friends, though he was still upset over Pod and Corn's absence. Upon joining twitter, Cillan quickly gained a grudge toward Twitter's Team Plasma schemes and their world-wide plot of separating Pokémon and man. He is one of the few Gym leaders out of the region who have yet to join Team Plasma, and while Iris is another, she was once friends with their leader, N.

It didn't take long until he ran into his doppelganger Dento whom accuses Cilan of stealing his identity. Cilan decided that he will ignore all messages from Dento, after having given up attempting to cure Dento of his insanity and crippling depression.

Later on, despite Cilan's grudge for Team Plasma, he and Ash traveled to England to prevent their Leader N's execution and failed terribly. Cilan spent the next week prostituting or working in bars after Ash abandoned him in the country for unexplained reasons. Cilan vowed to never speak of the week again.


@LeaderIris [1]


Although he seems to be somewhat more distant toward Iris then Ash, Cilan overall finds more respect toward Iris and tends to speak in a much calmer and gentler tone when talking to her, possibly due to her rash and slightly spontaneous personality. Cilan holds a special relationship with her and seeks her for comfort more then he would with the usually cold-hearted Ash. He usually does not attempt to protect her feelings, and will easily insult her appearance, smell, posture, behavior and more, and does not know when enough is enough. Cilan's relationship with Iris is open, and not very complicated.. Though he seems to care for her dearly and is constantly worried when she isn't around.

@AshtonKetchum [2]

Ash Ketchum

The two's relationship is much more spontaneous then Iris' attitude as the two can jump straight from an argument into hysterical laughter. Although not always very kind toward one another, the two seem to have built up a strong friendship in just a short time. Though Ash may unconsciously at times find ways to upset Cilan or even cause him to cry, Ash seems to mean well and hopes that their relationship with remain just as strong as well. Cilan is often strict toward Ash, and slightly treats him as he does his brothers, also despite the almost exact ages. The two's relationship's status changes constantly, though never seems to land on bad terms twice in a row. Cilan is currently more of Ash's trainer for losing weight, feeding him salads and weight-loss pills along with making him run every day.

@YanappuSanyou [3]


A slightly dense and unresponsive Pansage that has been in the care of Cilan for several years now. Pansage overall takes after it's owner in both it's fabulous-ness and calm nature. Though it appears much slower then most, despite it's species, and lacks Cilan's common sense. It commonly gloats upon victory and seems to have a much more devilish nature when compared to Cilan's, though is kind toward it's Trainer and toward Iris' Axew.

Cilan lost Pansage for several months before finally being reunited with it, despite having long given up on looking for it and planning on catching a new one. He spends the majority of his time communicating with it and talking to it about his dislike for Ash and Iris' nonsense.

@ishizumai [4]


A Pokémon recently caught by Cilan, he treats Ishizumai delicately due to it's frail nature and has learned it also deeply adores Potato Salad. Ishizumai is mainly weak and shy though still manages to get along with 's spastic and over-joyed Yanappu despite their opposite personalities. It seems apparent that Ishizumai is Cilan's first hand caught Pokemon. Cilan caught Ishizumai out of Twitter, and now therefore has one. Though before it was proven his, he was spotted by Ash to be cuddling one, which was apparently not his soon-to-be Ishizumai, but instead a random one. Cilan cares for Ishizumai deeply and the two spend all of their time together, Cilan tends to have random speeches describing his deep-hearted feelings for Ishizumai. He cares for both Pokémon equally.

@potasalad [5] [6]

Potato Salad

During the harsh winters, Cilan made hot Potato Salad his main course in every meal and has developed feelings toward the food. Cilan is joyous toward making it and looks forward to buying fresh potatoes everyday, all the same brand of course! He has an odd obsession with speaking it's name in both "engrish" and french. He enjoys making this meal the most and of course narrating it as if it were some kind of show. Iris enjoys potato salad, and Ash tolerates it due to the massive amount of spices that are placed into it. Pepper is the most iconic of Cilan's food, and is used very often in the making of Potato Salad.


@beruberet [7]


Bel is a childish and hyperactive young girl that Cilan met through Dento, and is believed to hold a romantic relationship with him as well. She is known for being reckless and a newbie trainer, yet she holds close relationships with of the Gym leaders and trainers of Unova, including Ash and Cilan. She has somewhat currently taken the place of Iris on their team due to the fact that Iris is.. as Ash states "Unable to be found in all that hair". Cilan is a bit protective of Bel when it comes to Dento, due to both his lack of trust toward Dento, and a small fondness toward her.. and her relationship with Ash. Though it appears that everyone's protective of the young girl's innocence.

Team Plasma

@Leader_Dento [8]


Dento appears to be the "evil" counterpart of Dent, whom is one of the leaders of Team Plasma. Cilan met Dento not long after joining Twitter and has had a grudge held against him since that day. Dento is an eighteen year old suicidal and heavily depressed version of Cilan whom accuses Cilan of being an impostor of himself. Who has set out on ruining his "good" name. As of recent it is proven that Dento is from another dimension.. When he was originally believed to be an obsessive fan of Cilan.

It has been mentioned by Dento himself that he abuses, imprisons and has relations with his Pokémon at will. He is very dramatic and has a short-temper. Cilan once attempted to cure Dento of his depression and even resorted to plain out hugging him, to no prevail.

Cilan as of recent has developed a brotherly relationship with Dento, though Cilan is still skeptical of the man's intentions, he welcomes him no longer as a hallucination but as a "Person". Cilan is now aware that Dento is keeping Sanyou City captive, but believes he has a very good reason as to why he's in Team Plasma and why he wishes to handle his hometown from another dimension.

@PlasmaKing_N [9]


N is the leader of Team Plasma and as of recent has been taking over Unova (along with other region's) Gym Leaders and forcing them to release their Pokémon and join Team Plasma as well. So far he has succeeded in having Dento, Lance and Morty join his side and is currently forcing them to do his bidding.

He has a severe tendency to burst into mental break downs and talk to himself. It is possible that Dento joined N due to their similar personalities and active relationships with their Pokémon. N is usually dressed in his "Mother's" clothing and has an identical twin brother whom also goes by the name of N. Their real names are unknown, though N seems to have a distant relationship with his brother.

N was once close friends with Iris, though after learning just how severe his plans were, she left him and joined Ash's side. Cilan originally believed that he had kidnapped Pod and corn, but later was proved wrong, for now he is only considered an enemy due to his original plans and the fact he teleported Cilan to his castle from a train and wasted the ticket. Ash also believed he had kidnapped Iris, but was ALSO proven wrong by a cross-dressing and blood covered N.


Cilan's physiology

Cilan has short slicked back green hair that is presumably dyed to match Pansage's fur color. He has three spikes of hair that stick up in the front and may possibly be too short to get as easily pulled back. He seems to use some form of hair gel to get his hair slicked back, though his hair has not been shown in it's original form yet and may be similar to May's hair and never be explained as to how it's held in place. He has an extremely pale complexion and tans easily. He is quite a bit frail bodied and despite this, he has a very womanly shape with wide hips and a thin waist. Large hands and wide shoulders are what give him a more manly look to his body out of all else. Extras: He also has no sclera in his eyes, and is the first main character to not have any.

He dresses in a black & White waiter's outfit matching to his siblings, his costume is required for his secondary job at the gym, being a waiter/chef. This outfit is made up of moderately fitting black jeans, a white button-up shirt with the plackets undone at the wrists, a black vest with a light gray back with golden clasps on the back and front, also wearing heeled brown tap shoes with buckles similarly colored to the clasps on his vest.

The black on his vest goes down into a triangular shape into the clasp on the back of his outfit. He also has a removable apron kept inside of his back-pack, which is in a rectangular shape and is the same shade of brown as his shoes. His backpack has silver half circular clasp.

He has so far been shown to one alternate outfit, which is a pair of beige colored pajamas with a long darker beige stripe down either side of his top, his pants the same color as the stripes. His Pajamas are much baggier then his main outfit.

He is 152cm in height and 14.5 kilograms in weight.


  • Cilan has a tendency to speak random sentences in some form of badly pronounced "Engrish".
  • Cilan, Pod & Corn are the first set of triplets in Pokémon to either be Gym leaders or contain a main character.
    • Cilan is also the first main character to not have sclera.
  • Cilan is portrayed by Hiidora / Karenmarukakuu on Youtube Deviantart & Fanfiction.

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