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Huge advocate of Water- and Electric-types. Especially both!
Species Lanturn
Age 7
Level 30
Types Water-type.png Electric-type.png
Gender M
Home Johto
Trainer Wild
Carrying Nothing
Nature Unspecified


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Lanturn (or Lanty (or Phosphy)) is generally nice, but also shy, and doesn't like to fight much. He's super bored of the ocean, and most of the others that lived near him, so he went on twitter as Lanturnabout and went about making friends.

So far, he seems to have made friends with Trike, Delkitty, and Pikapal, to name a few. Whether or not any are one-sided friendships, who knows.

Lately, he has rescued Trike a couple of times from death, and is praised often by him, as well. Lanturn's known to be very modest about it. Possibly too modest.


Trike - One of his best friends. Loves talking to him, and is somewhat afraid that their large number of back-and-forth tweets get on people's nerves. Nonetheless, he's grateful to have met Trike.
Lesli - Considers him a good friend, especially good enough to give hugs too. Lesli may have made him partly gay. Still, he mostly trusts him.
Pikapal - She is one of his good friends, as well. Being in the same team, he likes being surrounded by nice people like her.
Raikou - New friend, but already he's helped save Lanty and Trike once in Pastoria.
Electrode - Newly met, but (possibly) an electrical affinity made him trust the guy. He messes with him a bit. Fortunately, Electrode hasn't decided to explode on him.
Croconaw - Considers him a good enough guy, helping him break out of a pokecenter and relocating him as he recovered. May or may not be a one-sided friendship.
Staraptor - Is happy to see a nice guy like him on the team, and will miss him as he moves away.
Arcanine - He's glad to have found someone to take him to Sinnoh, and for that, he's grateful.

... after that, mostly everyone he's talked to a couple of times is like a friend. But those are the main people he talks to.