Lance The Pikachu

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Lance The Pikachu
Species Pikachu
Age 16
Level 05
Types Electric-type.png
Gender Male
Home Outside Pallet Town
Trainer Wild
Carrying Nothing
Nature Unspecified

General Information


Lance is easily recognizable by his use of swear words combined with attacks he knows. His most-used phrase is "I WILL THUNDERSHOCK THE FUCK OUT OF YOU!"

The Name

Lance's name is a reference to the Mesopotamian thunder god, "Lance Thunder." He was originally to be named Roy the name didn't fit him because, as he is quick to point out, he is not gay.


Lance has a Krabby Hat. It is unknown if the hat is actually a Krabby or just a replica, and whether it is alive or dead.



Lance's entire existence on Twitter was original meant to be promoting a webshow that would document his adventures as a Pokemon. The show is set to be a Machinima, filmed through Pokemon: Yellow Version. Lance has not given any information about the show, and it's release date and title are unknown.

Recent Tweets

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The following is the history of Lance's existence, as documented by himself.


I was never a Pichu, or a Raichu, or even a Magicarp. I have always been, and will always be, a Pikachu. Back in the day, Viridian Forest was a cool place. We had a trainer or two who'd come by with this little Charmander given to them by some pedo named "Oak." He'd light leaves on fire and most of the pokemon would start smoking 'em like cigarettes. I had better plans, however. I trained. I raced the other Pikachu. I would have battles with the Weedle and Caterpie. A couple years of the good life went by, then things got out of control. The Pidgey who usually lived in the areas between our forest and the nearby Viridian City were starving. A few mean-spirited Pidgey got together and formed a fighting league, where they would train and fight in official matches. One of these Pidgey grew so strong it evolved into a Pidgeotto. This newly evolved Pidgeotto lead the Pidgey to begin taking more food from the Viridian City humans, utilizing battle tactics to obtain more food. This greed brought the starvation to them, however, as the humans took extra measures to ensure that no Pidgey made it near them. Needless to say, the Pidgey were pissed. All the Pidgey, even the good ones who rejected Pidgeotto's greedy tactics, were forced to turn to him for help. He spoke of Viridian Forest, and claimed that if the Pidgey coordinated a strike against the Pikachu of the forest, they could be driven out, and the Caterpie and Weedle would have no one to defend them from being eaten. The Pidgey attacked, and most of the Pikachu dispersed. Some spoke of an old, abandon power plant, where they could join Zapdos and return to take back the forest. The Pidget dismissed this as a myth, a mere urban legend. I stood with the Pidgey on that one, and decided to try living elsewhere. I passed Viridian City to get in a nice, cozy area outside Pallet Town, where the Rattatta won't bother me and I can check out the humans from a nice, safe distance. The Rattatta warn me that sometimes humans wander off into the area my home is located, but I don't worry too much.

Daily Life

I generally just chill and kill anything that gets in my way.


The following is a list of Lance's current moveset. Should he ever find a trainer, however, he intends to forget this moveset by repeatedly striking himself with a rock.

Thundershock Thunderbolt Agility Double Team


I'm simply too badass to be bothered with stupid things like 'coding,' so I just stole all this shit from Raischu