Lady Gardevoir

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A Pokemon who would sacrifice itself to protect its trainer, it may expend all of its psychic power to create a small black hole as a last resort.
Species Gardevoir
Age ~16
Level 75
Types Psychic-type.png
Gender F
Home Celadon City
Trainer Esper_Isabella
Carrying None
Nature Unspecified

Technical Information

In-Battle Ability

Synchronize: Passes on BURN, POISON, PARALYZE to the opposing Pokemon. Increases the likelihood of encountering like-nature Pokemon in the wild.

Natural Ability

Telepathy: Negates damage from teammates' moves during Double or Triple battles. Messages relayed using Telepathy are surrounded by forward-slashes, /like this/.



Known Moves

  • Psychic
  • Hidden Power (Fire)
  • Thunder Wave
  • Dazzling Gleam
  • Teleport
    • Gardevoir's primary mode of transportation


This Gardevoir, nicknamed 'Chieko' by Psychic_Isaac, tends towards the quiet side, but remains friendly to humans and Pokemon alike. She rarely speaks out against anyone, but some strings of tweets by those she follows will silently sadden her and cause her to produce short responses, such as "I see..." or "Oh dear...". If she does call anyone out it is more likely to be another Pokemon - more than likely, @Sarcophaghost - rather than a human.

If her trainer is threatened, she will naturally become defensive and start threatening to use her battle-only moves on the offender. In fact, she is actually more defensive of humans than other Pokemon, perhaps a trait she picked up from growing up in a well-populated city.

Latest Tweets

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