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Tyranitar and Larvitar.jpg
Species Larvitar
Age 7
Level 12
Types Rock-type.png Ground-type.png
Gender Male
Home Mt. Silver
Trainer Ash Ketchum
Carrying none
Nature Unspecified

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Larvitar's mother was attacked by poachers while it was still an egg, and it suffered severe trauma. Upon hatching in the care of Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town, it started life as a brooding, terrified Pokemon that cried or hardened when approached. Over time in the company of Ash and his friends, Larvitar grew to be friendlier to them and even developed a sense of bravery - it protected an injured Unown and helped rescue a truckload of Pokemon from Team Rocket. Of course, it reverted to its natural emo state after being abandoned on the mountain, left in the care of its batshit insane Tyranitar mother who still had scars from her near-poaching experience, and pines after Ash and co. almost daily. Its mother quickly forgot that it was related to Larvitar, and now Larvitar weeps frequently on Twitter, fearful of the world but hoping that someday it might see its only friends and Daddy Ash again. Technically, it's wild, but it identifies as a caught Pokemon.


Art from HGSS
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