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Age some sort of age
Gender Female
Home Newbark town
Pokemon captured count them yourself


-Kotone lives in Newbark town.
-She started poketwitter back in 2009 (way before the name "kotone" was released), during that time she was known as trainerheart.
-She has 16 gym badges (8 from Johto/8 from Kanto).
-she's nice and easy to get along with, but when you make her mad she acts like a pms monster!
ooc: made the logo for twitterdex!


team: uses whichever, team isn't official yet.
All: Meganium, marill, metang, dragonite, feebas, flaaffy, furret, skarmory, jigglypuff, golbat, shiny pichu, suicune, shinx, pachirisu, jirachi, togepi, salamence, wailord, corsola, aggron.
other:There is a vileplume that lives outside her house.