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NOTE: Work in Progress.

A Kirlia has the psychic power to create a rip in the dimensions and see into the future. It is said to dance with pleasure on sunny mornings.
Species Kirlia
Age She'll never tell
Level 28
Types Psychic-type.png
Gender Female
Home Sinnoh, mainly around Lake Actuity
Nature Unspecified

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Kirlia is the daughter of a male Haunter and a female Gardevoir (Both of no relation to the twitter Haunter or Gardevoir), both under the ownership of an unknown trainer. An example of breeding gone 'wrong,' Kirlia, back then a Ralts, didn't hatch with the knowledge of a certain move that the trainer wanted. As time went on, the Ralts' moveset and nature weren't to the trainer's liking, and he released the young Ralts into the wild.


It wasn't too hard to try to live off of the land as opposed to eating Pokechow, and it was actually easier to the young Ralts. Time passed, and she soon evolved to a Kirlia.

Current Events

Scared out of mind due to recent wars.


  • Confusion
  • Teleport
  • Calm Mind
  • Magical Leaf

Special Abilities

Kirlia can use Teleport to get to different regions, but she tends to overshoot and ends up 'going swimming' as opposed to landing on dry land.


What? You think a wild Pokemon has an education?
When she was tame, her mother took a lot of time to teach her about various life lessons. More or less this was general knowledge. Her father, on the other hand, just wanted her to hurry up and learn teleport so she could scare things. Her trainer, along with her mother, taught her to fight. Though her training was brief, she has a leg up on most wild Pokemon.



A Gardevoir known only as Rose to Kirlia. Current whereabouts are unknown.


A Haunter known only as Danvious to Kirlia. Current whereabouts are unknown.


Unknown to Kirlia.


She didn't even know about mating until just recently. No, none.


Trainer Silver
...And everyone else that loves to just be happy~